The Attributes of God

Here’s my Friday post over at Isaiah for anyone who missed it or is unable to comment over there.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

One of the reasons I’m an atheist is that I have yet to hear a definition of God that makes sense or that can explain God’s properties without contradiction. In most cases, when asking for a definition of someone’s God, I usually get passages from a holy book or sayings like, powerful, can do anything, is everywhere at once, a supreme being and so on.

But none of them make sense to me. They seem like descriptors made up to ensure these God(s) can never be falsified.

These God(s) seem more like wishful thinking on the part of the believer than anything concrete – a way for them to satisfy their need to worship something they perceive to be bigger than they are.

For example, pantheism is one type of ‘God’ belief that works like this:

Pantheism is the belief that the Universe (or Nature as the totality of everything)…

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  1. In this post, the atheist begins his argument with a bold admission of ignorance:

    “…I have yet to hear a definition of God that makes sense…”

    Surely the atheist should develop some sort of capacity for simple reasoning before blaming the world for not making sense.

  2. I hear you. When people talk about infinite, eternal, Omni-this-and-that, they are drawing on corollaries: not finite, discrete, etc.. But those corollaries do not carry the meaning of the properties anymore than ‘not red’ defines a property.
    Your point about what we can conceive of regarding creation is valid. The universe is claimed to be outside God – there was a version or history of God in which the universe did not exist. But that history could not exist in time.
    Maybe it could exist in God time, but then what is that, if God is infinite and eternal?
    Maybe God is like an infinite plane, with all the points of our time, and It’s, upon it. But then how does God ‘act’ on those points, or even upon those parts of itself which are infinitely removed from others?
    These notions are incoherent, both within themselves and among themselves.

  3. GC
    is there a reason that SOM is so mean, vindictive and outright venomous in how she communicates? I’ve seen this in a couple of other Christians as well and it has confused me. these are not ‘fruits of the spirit’. they most closely resemble ‘works of the flesh’ in Galatians 5 and possibly Demon Possession when considered from a biblical POV.
    “Why ya gotta be so… Mean?” -Taylor Swift

  4. Yahweh is a complete dickhead. If he was so shit-hot why’d he need to go walkabout in Eden looking for Adam?
    ”Cooee….Adam. It;s your daddy. Come out come out wherever you are.”
    If he was so smart why didn’t he just build a Death Star and laser beam all the naughty humans.
    Christians are the most credulous bunch of half-wits walking on two legs.

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