My Pledge: I Will Never Ban Comments

I-disagree-with-youI like to think this blog encourages open, honest and civil dialogue between people of faith, atheists and everything in between. I try to make sure that I don’t personally attack people who post on this blog, and I welcome people who think differently than I do – or who flat out disagree with me – to post their comments here.

I pledge never to ban comments on my blog for disagreeing with me. Nor will I ban people who disagree with other people who comment on this blog. Challenging comments or even comments I personally disagree with will appear on this blog and that won’t change.

Now, if I find someone abusing other people on this blog, warnings may happen and if those warnings are ignored, then a banning may occur.

However, I’d like to point out that I have never banned someone from this blog or any other one that I’ve owned in the past. The free exchange of ideas and information is part of what I want this blog to stand for. Banning or moderating comments so they don’t appear on this blog will only be done as a last resort…unless you’re an annoying solicitor who just wants to drop a link to the products you’re trying to sell. In that case, to the spam filter for you.

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of blogs that moderate, delete or ban commenting and that’s definitely not the vision I had of this blog when I first started posting on WordPress. I’ll close up shop before I let that happen in my tiny corner of the Internet.

Those of you who do comment, I want to thank you once again. You guys and gals rock!



  1. I only delete comments per request. πŸ˜‰ And my comments close after 30 days of posting to stop those link spammers. Other than that, I don’t even delete my own posts unless I accidentally post them twice. πŸ˜›

  2. Jason… spot on.
    if you have to delete comments you find uncomfortable, even from a fellow Christian, you might see that as a sign that you are on poor footing. use it as an opportunity to strengthen your arguments rather than increase your decibels or silence the opposition. it’s the mature thing to do.

  3. Bravo!
    So I have never had to delete comments. I have only once ever been attacked on my blog. It was when I was brand new to blogging (back in May of this year) and some random woman stopped by my blog to launch an attack against me for reasons unknown, telling me that in going to hell and whatnot. This all went down while I was visiting my dying grandfather AND in the middle of finals. Finally, my hubby smacked her with some bible verse about judgements and she shut up and went away…
    I really have never had any issues since thankfully! Even then however, I didn’t delete what she was saying to me.

  4. I think that having clear boundaries of what is and is not okay is a good policy to have. Personally, I wouldn’t even mind a blog that censors disagreement just so long as I can reasonably find that out before taking the time to type out a comment. It’s always a bit frustrating to submit a comment and then watch it never even get out of moderation or selectively deleted or edited.

  5. I moderate my blog because far too much spam still winds up as a ‘legitimate’ comment, and every troll I see gets a big, Aries head-butt and a kick in the arse!
    I don’t think I’ve ever banned anyone from my blog, but I have plenty of former followers who found me distasteful for whatever reason they could invent, LOL


  6. I admire you. The worst thing is, a year ago, I would have thrown a temper tantrum hissy fit if someone commented something “rude” or “mean” on one of my posts. Then again, the blog I had a year ago was the worst piece of writing and I’m ashamed to have written it. Now, I’d hope I was more mature.

  7. I had a falling out with someone that led to me, in a night of drunken rage, to delete every comment they ever made on my blog. It’s been a few years now, so nobody would really notice, but at the time a lot of replies were missing context since other commenters had interacted with them on some posts. Oops. πŸ˜€

    I’ve only not published posts that bash me directly (appearance, mostly) and, twice, on a post I wrote about suicide because the comments were vile and contrary to the message I was trying to promote about prevention and resources. As a rule though, no, I don’t blanket-ban or delete. What’s the point in sharing on here if you can’t share both ways?

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