Some of My Favorite Religious-y Songs

The band Bad Religion. Clever, right. Pfft.
The band Bad Religion. Clever, right.  Pfft.

The band Bad Religion. Clever, right.

I explore, read about,  and write about religion quite a bit. I find the subject fascinating, but one thing I do like about religion is some of its music – or music that is themed around it.

I recently read a post by Serendipity about old time religious music, and it got me to thinking about some music I like that is themed around religion.

First up I like this song by Evanescence a lot:

The singer, Amy Lee, had this to say about the song in an interview:

A lot of our songs are written in a way that you could take them to mean several different things. That one was written by our drummer Rocky [Gray], who was in a Christian death metal band before he joined us. He told me that it is coming from a Christian standpoint, but it’s about suicide. It’s from the perspective of someone who has just committed suicide and it’s about the controversy in Christianity that if you commit suicide, will you go to heaven or hell? If all sins are forgiven after accepting Christ, why would there be an exception?

It’s a good question. Why would there be an exception?

It’s not so much the words that I like, but the guitar and Amy’s voice.

Next is Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath by Black Sabbath.

Say that 6 times really fast.

The video has a cute dog in it is well. Win, win.

Anyhow, in 2013, Bassist Geezer Butler had this to say about his religious/non-religious activity.

Then again, they’ve been having close scrapes since the late-60s. Butler remembers experiencing excruciating kidney problems, believing he was dying. It was then that his parents, strict Catholics who would “whip and beat” him if he cursed (“which,” he says, “is why I rarely swear now”), witnessed the full extent of their son’s immersion in the dark arts: they recoiled in horror at his black-painted bedroom, with its proliferation of Satanic paraphernalia.

I wonder if the ‘dark arts’ was his black room and upside down crosses or his parent’s alleged penchant for whipping and beating him?

See the Light by Jeff healey blows me away. The guitar is so amazing. It’s sort of like an electrical version of gospel.

Good Lawd, Jesus! Jeff sure could make that guitar sing. If anything could convert me it would be this song.

What are some of your religious-y themed musical favorites?



  1. Hymn of the seventh Galaxy.- Return to Forever
    Angel – Jimi Hendrix.
    Stairway to Heaven – Zep.
    Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Dylan
    And the gods made love – Hendrix
    The King will Come – Wishbone Ash
    Jesus just left Chicago – ZZ Top
    Highway to hell AC/DC
    Hey God – Bon Jovi
    God save the Queen – Sex Pistols

  2. I like church choir gospel music, the kind you want to get on stage with–

    One of my all time favorites is (and I so do not care for most Xmas music) is, of all people, Bob Seger “Little Drummer Boy”. He just nails it.

    and, yeah, Dylan. Of course.

    Oh, and Train, ” Joy To the World”. Not crazy about the video, but his voice is amazing in this.

  3. Well, having written songs and been in Christian and secular bands, I have a lot of feelings about this. I was never a big fan of contemporary Christian music, but some of it from my missionary days is nostalgic. I never wrote straight-forward Christian lyrics. Ever. In fact, I hated the idea some Christian songwriters had that every experience worth writing about had to be about god. That being said, a lot of my songs were, of course, about god. But you couldn’t be too sure…..

    The kind of gospel that translates to soul is great, but the light rock nonsense that plagued my teenage years? No thank you. I’m a rock and roll girl at heart. Maybe some blues. Christian music isn’t supposed to be sexy, but the best kind always is. Hmmm….I bet I have a few friends who would see this as an enjoyable mix tape challenge 🙂

  4. One of my favorite bands is Stryper. And I sing it like I mean it. Some of my friends still don’t get it. Since my mom is a Christian Pastor and for a long time wouldn’t let me listen to anything other that Christian music on her car, cause if I did bad things would happen to the car, I started listening to other Christian Rock bands and I really enjoyed it. Still do. Music is music. I don’t care about what they say. If I like the music I’ll listen to it.

  5. This is an interesting topic for me, because I like a lot of hymns and Christmas songs. Kansas is one of my favorite bands, and they got pretty religious at times. I also like a lot of metal bands for whom God pops up in their songwriting from time to time.

    That said, they could be singing about Satan, Zeus, Odin, or Belgian waffles for all I care. I’m about the melody and composition.

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