Dexter vs. Goliath

Even God had to rest after 7 days

Dexter and I have been going to a new dog park for a few weeks now. He loves it. My mom recently came down with Charlie, who is a Great Dane, Mastiff mix. He weighs in at about 150 pounds right now, and he’s only nine months old. He’s freaking huge and only going to get bigger. He and Dex are fast friends though.

Charlie and Dexter at the dog park

Charlie and Dexter at the dog park

I may be small, Dexter says, but I'm mighty (Dex actually managed to get the stick from Charlie)

Dexter may be smaller, but he’s mighty (Dex actually managed to get the stick from Charlie)

They were pooped when they got back to my place. It was pretty funny because at one point Charlie tried to come up on the couch with me and wrestle, but Dexter was having none of that. He wrestled Charlie to the ground and gave him a good ground and pound.

You might be big, Charlie, but with age comes great responsibility…[memo to GC: this isn’t Spider-Man stupid]…what I meant was with age comes greater experience.

Even God had to rest after 7 days

Even God rested on the 7th day

David needed a sling. Dexter didn’t need anything.

The Legend of Dexter continues to grow.



  1. Love the title of your post. Charlie sure are huge but Dexter just showed everyone that size really doesn’t matter. LOL!

    They are both so gorgeous and it looks like everyone had a grand time! 😀

    Awww, he looks so adorable. They are little angels when they are asleep for sure.
    Yeah, who needs a sling when your name is Dexter! ::D

    Great post and love the photos GC! Thanks for sharing.

  2. He looks like a good starter kit as a horse, and yeah ive known two pit bull mixes, look a lot like a smaller Charlie, but they are both even tempered, careful, pay no mind to young children crawling all over them. It’s how a dog is raised/abused, with a few breed exceptions, as much as his innate behavior.

    • My mom got him at 8 weeks old. He used to yelp if you moved quickly around him. He’s super vocal and it takes some getting used to. He’s a great dog though.

      My mom is having trouble with him eating things out of separation anxiety. I hope she gets that under control. A dog that size can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time to a house.

      I mean, Dex is 100 lbs and in that first picture, Charlie dwarfs him.

  3. GC, it appears James has now banned me from commenting.

    In his new post, could you perhaps ask him to now answer why chimps and humans share 98/99% genetic material.

    The article he posted does nothing but throw out conjecture, meaning the 98/99% remains factually true.

  4. GC

    In James’s post there is this incredible section.

    “Additionally, complexity does not appear to affect the chromosomal number. The radiolaria (a simple protozoon) has over 800, while humans possess 46. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, have 48 chromosomes. A strict comparison of chromosome numbers would indicate that we are more closely related to the Chinese muntjac (a small deer found in Taiwan’s mountainous regions), which also has 46 chromosomes.”

    I say incredible because it deliberately ignores the fact that this “puzzle” has been solved

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