Atheism is Bullshit and it’s rooted in satanism: Your Questions Answered

Darwin_sexual_caricatureSo I ran across this little gem of a post today. The author starts off with saying, “I hope a militant atheist reads this some day…..”

Prayer answered. I’m not sure what a ‘militant atheist’ really looks like but if you mean someone who enjoys the topic of religion and doesn’t agree with a good many things religion teaches, I guess I’m a militant atheist. I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

So anyways, the author then goes on a brief tirade (only a paragraph long!) about how atheists are horrible human beings before saying that they have a few questions they want answered.

We’ll skip the hate and get right down to the asking of questions:

Throughout this blog entry I have some questions that some atheists should try to answer, and I have some recommendations as well as basic observations worth sharing with the lot of you.

I’m cracking my knuckles in anticipation. Bring it on!

we have, you. How did you get here? Well, you were born. Cut that in half enough times and you can go back a long time to the days where your own Lord and Savior Charlie Darwin SCRIPTED AND PREACHED in his doctrine that we “evolved” from monkeys.

Before writing about evolution, at least try to understand what it is. It’s not a religious text.

Darwin didn’t script or preach anything. Darwin published his theory of evolution and it was backed by evidence. Since then, scientists have continued to add to that theory and pull together an undeniable amount of evidence to back it up.

Darwin was also a Christian.

Here’s where your atheist doctrine starts to drown in its own sea of bullshit. If the big bang actually happened, what was the material that was the big bang, and more importantly, WHAT DID THAT MATERIAL PHYSICALLY RESIDE IN, IN ORDER FOR YOUR BIG BOOM THEORY TO TAKE PLACE? Cut that in half and we have, what, an empty universe of nothing or somethings that existed forever into the past? Cut that empty universe in half and what is IT residing inside of?

Let’s say you’re right. What created your God?

And if you reply is that it just was, why can’t you say the same thing about the universe?

What if there never was ‘nothing’? What if instead of nothing there has always been something that continually expands and contracts?

But either way, the gap in our knowledge doesn’t mean you get to stick your particular God in there. Or do you believe in Zeus and Odin as well? If not, why is your idea of God more plausible than theirs?

See…that’s really where your hypothesis breaks down, and while there is evidence for evolution and the big bang, there is nothing besides a book full of claims to back your idea that god did it – you know, pretty much the same thing every other religion uses to back their claims.

Lord Darwin and his many cult followers like Richard Dawkins for example, have a frame of mind born out of an animosity or hatred for Mankind itself.

Isn’t it your religion that teaches we’re all filthy sinners in need of a blood sacrifice to become clean enough to enter heaven?

Did I miss something? Because that sure sounds like a hatred for mankind on a grand scale.

Don’t say Christmas in schools now boys and girls, geez, that could be offensive to someone. Don’t say Jesus in the classroom anymore, because that is “offensive” to other religions. These are ideologies that are actually being practiced and instituted in North America. United Nations Agenda 21.

So government employees are allowed to push one religion over another as long as it’s your religion?

They’re being practiced because you live in a secular country. If children attend a public school, their parents should’t have to pay tax money to have their kids preached too. Just like you wouldn’t like it if a Hindu showed up and preached that Krishna was the true god and Jesus was bullshit.

How do you not grasp this basic premise?

Thoughtful quote break

Thoughtful quote break

The tiny handful of true “string pullers” still alive today, coming from very long lines of elite, fantastically wealthy satanists (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Clinton, Gates – Bill and Melinda, that is – … name a couple families and friends of those families ) who strive to achieve a state of trans-humanism

Do you have even a stitch of evidence that these people are Satanists?

Earlier in the original post the author accuses people of dehumanization and then they go ahead and practice it by calling people satanists because they don’t like them.

.If you are truly an atheist by definition, than don’t ever again convey a thought or idea supporting the paranormal or a deceased relative

I don’t believe in the paranormal either, but that’s not a prerequisite to being an atheist. If I don’t believe in god(s), I’m an atheist. That’s it. I can believe in anything else I want.

Forget Christmas and put your money where your mouths are and never, evercelebrate it again by buying gifts or having a meal or decorating a tree.

Thankfully, you don’t get to tell other people what they can celebrate.

Besides, Christmas has its roots in Paganism. So using your own logic, feel free not to celebrate it, since Christians stole it from them.

I’ll continue to celebrate Christmas. Not because I believe Jesus was a divine being, but because it’s a family tradition, we find joy in it, it’s fun and it’s an excuse to get together as a family.

If your science is so “uber-awesome”, than how is it that it’s still in preschool in terms of understanding how our brains and minds work?

You mean the science you used to type this blog post up with? The science you use to drive your car, heat your house, refrigerate your food, stay healthy with regular doctors visits…that silly science?

Yeah, it’s clearly for quacks. Screw science. It’s never done anything for us anyhow. Let’s go live in the bush.

The day is coming where you will see with your own eyes how non-evolutionary Humanity actually is. It’ll be too late for you by then.

Tada! The obligatory threat.

Too late for what, I wonder?

God be with you and your families. That’s a kindness and sentiment you’d never offer to a Christian, but we offer it to you.

Yes, I felt your kindness throughout your post. It shone from the computer screen and warmed my face.

I also didn’t see too many earnest questions throughout your post. I know you promised them, but sadly they were absent.

I wish you and your family well also.

So now you can never say it’s a sentiment an atheist would never share with you.



  1. For shit’s and giggles, look into how many millions of dollars the witch Hilary Clinton sinks into Planned Parenthood and how much that evil empire of Eugenicists reciprocate towards her family.

    This one makes my eyes water…that entire tirade (bad punctuation and all) sounds like someone pulling “oh by the way”s out of the atmosphere and trying to pack them all in one tidy package.

  2. GC, I couldn’t even get to the satanism part. He lost me when he was going through his unmoved first mover argument.

    If you don’t mind, I’m posting the comment I left on the OP’s site in case it never gets through moderation:

    “Hello! I’m an atheist!

    I have just a couple of quick comments:

    (1) There’s an unwritten rule of the Internet which says you can’t insult someone’s intelligence and then misuse the word “too” in the same paragraph. (It’s “not to mention,” not “not too mention”). The good news is that you won’t have to worry about too many atheists foaming at the mouth in rage, though you might have killed someone from laughing too hard.

    (2) Making threats of eternal damnation and a deity’s eternal judgment for not loving him back isn’t exactly a loving concept from Christianity. I don’t think anyone would think it’s loving to threaten his or her life. Likewise, it makes you sound a bit disingenuous when you claim salvation from deserved eternal torture is a kindness.”

      • My first thought was, did.not.proof. for.content..or.flow…

        Most of our “Christian” holidays were cleaned up versions of much more entertaiing festivals. Don’t even get me started on the Randy Easter Bunny and his Eggs. Eggs? Fertility rites?
        The early churches just papered over the Spring Fling aspect and made sure Jesus was involved then, too. They couldn’t do a thing with the British Harvest Festivals, replete with priapic corn dollies, so they just ignored it. Probably best.

  3. “Put your money where your mouths are” is quite an ironic statement, considering how much money the church sits on and how little they do with it. The have the wealth to deliver clean water and food to every impoverished person on the planet. But the pope lives in a palace sitting on top of a literal trove of treasure instead.

    They also have the numbers and the money to make sure that every orphan on the planet goes to a loving home. And yet…nothing.

    Talk about “put up or shut up.”

  4. What does not eating have to do with not celebrating Christmas?

    Oh, wait…he means don’t eat on Christmas? At Christmas? Don’t eat Christmas itself??

    I have to say, you are a better person than me for even trying to read that, much less reply. My writing is off the chain sometimes but this…wowsa.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure. I think the meaning is that if you don’t believe in the Christian god and Christmas is celebrating the birth of that god you don’t believe in, then you shouldn’t celebrate it.

      It’s the topic that seems to come up every year around December.

      I’m actually not a big fan of Christmas. I like the family aspect but the gifts and over-spending are completely unnecessary in my opinion. Those things make Christmas one of my least favorite holidays.

    • “Don’t eat Christmas itself.” It’s a little known but important doctrinal point for certain flavors of Christianity. Apparently, around the 19th century some extreme literalists conflated the celebration of the Christ-Mass with “eat my body” and “drink my blood”; the resulting cannibalistic massacres of 1876, 77, and 79 [they skipped 1878 because, obviously, it’s a devil’s number] led to the revision of the New Braufel’s Confession and the promulgation of the exhortation, “Let not the mass of Christ pass thine lips in whole but only in bread and fruitcake and puddings of the figgy kind, else the wrath of God cast thee into lakes of rendering pig fat…”.
      And THAT’S why we eat chocolate at Easter.

  5. I know I should probably be upset at someone calling all atheists satanists, but his argument about how rhubarb crisp proves there’s an Intelligent Designer made me laugh so hard it triggered an asthma attack.

    “Your theory suggests that if you dumped all the ingredients required to bake a strawberry rhubarb crisp on the island in your kitchen, that eventually the fucking crisp would assemble it’s own ingredients and bake itself to perfection.”

    There we have it…the solution to “how we got here.”

    I also mightily enjoyed how he signed off by using the word, “Respectfully.”

    Some of the comments here are even funnier, but I have to stop reading lest I die from laughter-induced suffocation.

  6. I think you understated things when you said Christmas has roots in paganism. Christmas is entirely a pagan holiday with Jesus pasted into the name.

    Re: Militant atheism. I’m having my kaiser helmet fitted right now. One does need good padding for butting heads.

  7. I applaud you for being super calm about reading this, considering how offensive it comes across. I actually had a disagreement with a friend of mine while teaching kids during the Vacation Bible school of my church about an issue you discussed.

    He started to compare Daniel being fed to the lions to teachers not being encouraged to pray in public schools

    I immediately stopped him, and we had a conversation about how hypocritical and harmful it was to say that to say that to little children – considering they do not properly understand the full context of the reason why public schools don’t encourage any religion.

    I left the conversation wondering how many other Churches tell children such wrong teachings.

    I often times get discouraged by the victim mentality many Christians possess, but I have come to terms with the fact that I have to separate Christianity from its followers.

    • Bravo! Good for you CB. I think there are a lot of religious people who get offended by prayer in public schools as well. They realize that if Christianity is someday not the dominant religion, future generations could be having other religions preached to their descendants. Separation protects everyone.

      I think it takes guts to stand up to them that way. Good for you.

  8. Why do they always start at the part ‘how did you get here?’ Oh, I guess it must be because their silly book starts with Genesis. I don’t care where we come from. I care what we are doing with our lives right at this moment and not by killing each other in the name of some deity.

    The best part of all is that they can’t answer anything you throw at them and when they do, it’s with verses from their silly book.

    Love the thoughtful quote break. 😀

    I am sure if witch hunts were still legal, they’d still be burning people at the stakes for not believing what they do.

    So strange that they think just because they’re believers, they can go around telling others what they should or shouldn’t do. Even when I did go to church, I still hated Christmas. It’s just another money-making scheme. When people do enjoy doing it as part of a tradition, why not? Just because I don’t like Christmas, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t, but it doesn’t give me the right to tell them they must feel the same way as I do.

    Gosh! And then some believers wonder why we don’t like them? They are so full of themselves and think they’re the only ones that have the answers.

    Very well written sentiment. I enjoyed. 😀

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  10. I read through their entire post and wanted to hit something. CULT FOLLOWERS. Also: evolution, I believe, is the idea we all evolved from a common ancestor. Take it WAY, WAY, back, and you have a single-celled organism. OH, I forgot! Complex life forms evolved because of the OXYGEN IN THE ATMOSPHERE! Perfectly spherical? HAHAHAHA. I’m bloody 15 and I can dispute his points and this is making me more angry than it should.

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