Fighting Position: No Faith in Foxholes

I rarely reblog posts, but this one is simply amazing. It tackles the nonsense idea that there are no atheists in foxholes and it does so from the perspective of someone who has been shot at.

I hope you’ll visit their site and leave a like and a comment. I thought this post was extremely powerful.

The Abraham Effect:

Many American Christians seem have a vague notion of the “moment” when a believer loses faith.  Having appealed to a benevolent personal god in a moment of crisis, his faith breaks and the apostate angrily shouts to a turbulent sky, “There is no god!”  This scene is, of course, hilarious, and deserves to be the punchline we’ve made it.  As many of us have explained in our “de-conversion stories,” loss of faith is more often occurs under a gradually increasing burden of evidence against the existence of a deity.  However, formative, traumatic experiences can and do inform our worldview.  I remember the moment when, as a Christian, I felt the furthest from my God.

We use the phrase “sonic boom” to describe the sonic shockwave created by an object, usually an aircraft, breaking the sound barrier.  Smaller supersonic objects such as bullets create the same effect, but the sound is better described as…

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  1. Interesting to read the perspective of someone who has been there.

    Conventional wisdom can be quite off the mark. One that springs to mind is lightening never strikes the same place twice. The fact this has been shown to be absolutely false doesn’t stop it being in the popular lexicon.

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