Chill Out PETA

lionPETA is at it again. They take a story that I’d probably agree with them about, and take it over the top.

Here’s what I mean:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for the execution of the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion in a statement Tuesday condemning the shooting.

“Hunting is a coward’s pastime,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk in the statement. “If, as has been reported, this dentist and his guides lured Cecil out of the park with food so as to shoot him on private property, because shooting him in the park would have been illegal, he needs to be extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”

Walter James Palmer, a U.S. citizen from Minnesota, allegedly paid $50,000 to kill Cecil, a 13-year-old male lion, on a game-hunting trip to Zimbabwe. Palmer has said that he “relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt.”

Message from PETA: Killing is wrong. We should kill the guy who killed the lion.

Look, I think the dentist was wrong. I think his excuse sucks ass and I don’t get sport hunting in the first place. I get hunting if you need to eat, but if you’re just killing for the sake of killing, that doesn’t make you tough and I’d argue that it’s an unethical act. The fact that this guy shot a lion and tracked it for 40 hours while it bled out makes me sick.

What makes this even worse is that there are less than 30,000 lions left on planet Earth.

All that being said, killing someone to prove that killing is wrong is ridiculous. If PETA stopped being so over-the-top-crazy-stupid when it comes to their cause, I’d probably agree with them. I agree this guy was wrong, but as soon as you declare that he should be hanged, you’ve lost me. You’ve signaled  that you’re just as irresponsible as the guy who did the initial shooting.

Keep it classy, PETA.



  1. Killing him also wouldn’t do anything to protect the remaining lions. Huge fines on the dentist, with the money put toward anti-poaching efforts, that would be productive. If he can afford to drop that much money on lion hunting, he’s got pretty deep pockets.

  2. What PETA and organizations like it should be doing is making sure that anti-poaching laws are uniformly enacted, enforced, and executed around the world. If someone poaches, there should be no place on Earth that the person can find refuge. Furthermore, there should be extra care taken to get rid of any profits made from poaching animals, and all proceeds found and fined should go to preventing other poaching.

    You could even make it a felony, which means even in the U.S. that person wouldn’t be able to own, carry, or otherwise possess a firearm (even in self-defense).

    Finally, I hope that dentist loses his practice over what he did. Certainly if I was a patient of his, I’d feel awful at knowing my money went to killing an endangered species. I couldn’t see people doing much business with him in the future.

  3. PETA, unfortunately, sometimes seems to be the Donald Trump of animal rights causes. They’re deliberately being provocative, in this case to stir up controversy and call attention to how awful “sport” hunting is. Whether people will focus more on the cruelty of such hunting or PETA’s over-the-top call to kill is the question, and I’m not optimistic about the answer. They might well end up generating sympathy for the animal slaughterer.

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