4 Things That Scare The Crap Out Of Me

Great White Shark

Fear. It’s such a base human emotion. All of us fear something even if we don’t want to admit it. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the things that scare the living crap out of me.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Sharks are one of my favorite animals (wolves beat them out in that category) but they scare the crap out of me. The idea of being eaten alive sends shivers down my spine, but becoming somethings between meal snacks without even being able to see it coming is freaking terrifying. Their great, black, soulless eyes and razor sharp teeth both mesmerize and terrify me. They’re such interesting creatures. Maybe I find them so fascinating because they scare me so much.

I’m morbid that way.

Needles freak me out

Needles freak me out

I can’t even watch a needle on T.V. I literally cover my eyes like a child who suspects something might be lurking under their bed. I do pretty much anything to avoid getting a needle.

This fear at least has a reason though. When I was a kid, I had a needle break off in my arm. I bruised badly and my arm hurt for a very long time; or what felt like a long time to a kid like me. Ever since then I can’t stand needles. I’m typing this and the picture of the needle hovering above my words is making me feel nauseous.

Time to move on to the next one.



Heights scare me but especially heights experienced while on a ladder or some other object that I could fall from. Weirdly enough, way back when I was a roofer. Every day I faced this fear and it never got better. The money was good and I had a family to feed so I kept getting back up on that roof, but that didn’t prevent my legs from shaking.

Giving in to fear

Giving in to fear

Giving in to a fear of death and turning to a fictional deity to make me feel better. I feel as though this would compromise one of the very things that make me who I am. It would mean abandoning reason and trusting in superstition. I would rather face the reality of death than give in to my fears.

In a way, I guess you could say I’m afraid of fear. Fear that overcomes reason.

So there you have a list of 4 things that scare me. What is on your list? What sorts of things keep you up at night?



  1. 1:Suffocation being unable to breathe. I dont mind swimming underwater, but oh, those “Sea Hunt” Lloyd Bridges things, underwater battles with something cutting the supply hoses…. no. go away. right now Im tensing up. Im no better with outer space movies either. Same deal.

    2. I’m not claustrophobic in the general sense, elevators don’t bother me, but the idea of being under something, with the possiblity of being trapped, well…and I do not like locked doors when Im on the inside and need to unlock it to get out. Same goes for the gate at the end of our driveway. Its no longer there, but I hated it. what if someone needed to get up here?

    3. losing my sight. I have one eye left (detached retina in the other) and the idea of being totally blind terrifies me. Everything I do is visually oriented, from reading to gardening, from photos to the computer.

    I hear you about the ladders. It was years before I got past that, and I kinda had to when we moved here. And its not the ladder, its the stepping off over space to the roof, the platform, whatever.

    • Since I work with the deaf blind, I have to to do training all the time. In one they asked us whether we’d rather be deaf or blind. I answered deaf in a heartbeat. They seemed surprised and they quoted Helen Keller at me:

      “Blindness separates people from things;
      deafness separates people from people.” -Helen Keller

      I said I can learn sign language. I would go mad without the ability to read and see what was going on around me. I’ve done training where they blindfolded me and made it so I couldn’t hear and the blindfolded portion scares me. You have to trust other people to guide you. It takes away your independence.

  2. Needles bother me too, but it’s seeing them more than it is getting injections. I’ve had plenty of injections and blood draws, and I can deal with it as long as I don’t have to watch. My husband is on insulin, and wants me to learn to do the injections, and I have not been able to get past my problem with needles.

    Sharks don’t bother me, I guess because I’m almost never where they are, unless there is a pane of aquarium glass between us. Now wasps – that’s different. They hang around the house, and build mud nests, or paper nests (eurggh!) or dig sneaky holes in the ground. They don’t die after stinging like decent civilized honeybees, and their sole purpose in existing seems to be to mess you up. (Japanese giant hornets kill 30 to 40 people every year in Japan, sharks can’t begin to match that! Good thing I don’t live in Japan.)

    • I’m the same with needles! It’s the sight that scares me. Or visualizing it in my head when I’m not looking.

      I have a wicked imagination.

      Yeah, I run from things that sting like wasps and bees. The other day I had another worker tell me that they won’t sting unless you bug them. I asked her how many times she’s been stung. She answered 3. I told her I had never been stung.

      I’ll stick to my method of running, thank you very much. LOL

  3. Really interesting post…and one that’s got me thinking:

    1. Spiders. Yes, I know they’re little and can’t hurt me but they’re terrifying!!

    2. Drowning. I had a bad experience as a child so I’m not keen on water.

    3. Flying. Again, I had a bad experience when the cabin pressure dropped, the masks came down and all we could smell was burning. We had to make a controlled emergency landing. I still fly but I don’t like it!

    4. Sharks. Fascinating creatures but I’m with you on that one!

  4. 1.I’m scared that James ( over on Isaiah) turns out to be my wife moonlighting on a Christian blog just to spite me.

    All the others things I’m scared of I grit my teeth and do the right thing – stand behind my kids and let them go first.

  5. I’m good with letting sharks fill all 4. I agree with you, they are fascinating, but there’s something so incredibly scary about them. It’s one of the few things in the category of ‘monster dreams’ I have occasional nightmares about. I even struggle to play games that include them as enemies.

  6. 1) Making mistakes. There is just a worrying tendency I have that makes me believe that any mistake I make is going to thread a bigger web of trouble in the long run

    2) Being ordinary. I know that there a lot of people on this planet, but I like to think that I am intrinsically different, and all my decisions aren’t always directly influenced by my society.

    3) My last fear is that I won’t be able to be the person God wants me to be – even though I assume that’s really the point of a Saviour.

  7. You dealt with your needle fear long enough to post a picture! Bravo!

    I have a lot of anxiety. Sometimes I refer to my brain as worst-case scenario software. For all the things I worry about, I don’t actually have any overwhelming fears. I would say my biggest fears are being a victim of intended physical violence and my kids dying before I do.

  8. i always liked that quote better, its definitely sillier

    we dont have rattlers here (northern new england), thank goodness. And as I understand it NH is the only state that doesnt have any poisonous snakes…we are all happier about that one

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