500 Subscribers and Pictures of a Swimming Dog

Dexter break: swim on little doggy...

2015-07-25_0800Thanks to all of you who subscribe to this blog, especially those who support the work done here with your comments, likes and feedback. You guys and gals are truly amazing. It’s hard to believe that 500 people decided to hit the ‘follow’ button but here we are and this blog continues to grow. Of course, even those who silently read without ever leaving a blurb in the comment section are also extremely valuable.

So thank you!

I hope this blog continues to grow. I took some time off due to personal issues but I’ve been hitting it hard since I came back.

For the future, I’m hoping to get a few more guest blog posts. I think there is value in getting differing opinions on this site. So if you’re interested in doing a post on this site, please go to the ‘Guest Blogging‘ page and shoot me an email.

I also want to get into doing my conspiracy theory posts a bit more often, and I think my recent excursion onto The Isaiah 53:5 Project will help foster conversation, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Time for a Dexter break:

Dexter break: swim on little doggy...

Dexter break: swim on little doggy…

Sure, I'll share the pool

Sure, I’ll share the pool

Blogging has been a great experience and I truly enjoy it. I wouldn’t enjoy it even a fraction as much without the people who read, comment, like, favorite and support the work done here.

So maybe in the future there will be a 1000 subscriber post (fingers crossed) but 500 seems like an amazing number to me.



    • Thanks Victoria. That’s super kind of you to say.

      My first blog on blogger I went by Canadian Atheist. I had built up a twitter following but when I started this blog and moved my site over, I wanted a site name and moniker that wasn’t in-you-face offensive but that still got the point across about what sort of content you could expect and that was memorable. I sat and thought about it for a few hours. LOL.

      I like it a lot. I think it achieves exactly what I intended.

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