5 Annoying Things Bloggers Do

psychic_rage_face_by_intellectualdeviant-d4feo1qSometimes bloggers make me want to scream in blogger-driven-rage or rip my hair out – never a good thing, especially if you’re not sure how much longer you’ll have it.

So I put together a list of 5 things that bloggers do that annoy me.

1) Comments 

If you’re going to delete comments that disagree with your point of view, then you might as well turn comments off. That way I (and other people) don’t waste our time reading your post or leaving a comment. By disabling comments, you honestly signal to the rest of us that you have no interest in dialogue. And isn’t there a way to make your blog private?

If there is, why not go that route? You have no interest in hearing anything people have to say, so why not make your blog private and write just to yourself or invite your family and friends to view your blog.

2) Paragraphs

I click the read button.

I’m faced with huge blocks of text or even worse, one great big block of text.

My eyes start to water. I feel slightly nauseous. I may puke in my mouth a little.

I back away from the screen. I hit the back button frantically on my browser.

I’m now safe again.

Don’t try this at home. For crying out loud, please use paragraphs when writing blog posts.

3) Whine about trolling

I get it if it’s a legitimate troll, but when people label someone as a troll merely because they disagree with their point of view, that annoys the hell out of me. They deserve to have their voice heard every bit as much as you do.

4) Pop-Ups

Oh how I hate them. I’m in the middle of reading something and suddenly there is a huge banner with a tiny little ‘X’ in the corner taking up the whole screen. As soon as I’m done pushing that tiny ‘X’, I’m leaving your blog. If I can help it, I will never return.

5) Answer!

I’m not saying you need to answer every single comment, but try to at least acknowledge that someone took the time to read and comment on your work. Even if that means just hitting the ‘like’ button on their comment…which is something I should do more often.

So there you have my list of 5 annoying things bloggers do. What are some of your peeves when it comes to blogging?



  1. I’m not a fan of self promotion. It irritates me when someone comments on one of my posts just to say “Hey, check out my blog!” And they leave their link. That’s a little too desperate and annoying for me

  2. 1. people who have no idea what you just said, but grab one word they understand and say, oh boy, its raining here too…

    2.someone starts a blog and two or three years later abandons it (Next Blog in Blogger is my latest obsession) without bothering to take it down or make it private. 5 years later those cute naked baby pictures (yikes) are still there…not only is that there, but an incredible amount of info gets put into that site, from full names to photos of the happy couple with the five kids, in front of their mcmansion in some place clearly indentifiable by anyone who has their name, city, and google earth…”and oh, ” they burble, “I wont be online for a few weeks we’re taking the kids to DisneyWorld and then to visit Grams and Gramps in Silver Springs…” and the burglars are all opening their tablets at that, to find out where that house is…

    3. Alot. Alot is not a word. i rate that up there with “u r so kuul” and “ware r u”
    as hit-the-ceiling annoying…and as an extra added attraction, if you call them on it, they say, “well,idk, u no wa’t I ment…”

    4. agree about the self promotion. Although to be fair there is often a little button you can push to show the link to your last post. I try not to use it, but hey, with 19 followers…=)

    5. people who have no idea where to put the apo’strophe in a sentence, so they just scatter it or them around like fairy dus’t .

    and a resounding yes to your five. =)

    • Oh man, when I was on blogger I did the same thing. I’d say a good 70% of those blogs are dead.

      You have a wonderful blog. I think the problem is blogger. It doesn’t have the vest set up for finding reading material. I hope you come on over to the dark side of WordPress. I think your readership would skyrocket. You have good material, Judy.

      • Thanks, GC. The only problem is, after six years Im running down. And yeah, blogger promotes a kind of rip and read atmosphere, doesnt it. I also seem to have trouble with Word Press, there are so many options and so many ways to screw up, its frightening.

        I like going there, but setting up housekeeping is a whole ‘nother process.

        If you do have an old blog, put it out of its misery. Many of them now have become repositories for spam, or trolls. Its kinda sad to see.

        The nuns gave me the best explanation I have ever heard for Hell, and the most rational, if there is such a thing. Unlike Dante’s fire and brimstone, Sister Mary said that hell was not so much a physical place (bless Sister Mary the existentialist) but a state of mind, and when you die, you discover you’ve lost the right to heaven, and that is your Hell for eternity, that sense of loss.

        Depends on the sentences, Arknaten: five to ten for burglarly is doable. =)

    • Arkenaten, why do you get into their faces so much? Especially knowing that this is not going to have much effect on the opinion of those Christians? Isn’t it for the thrill of an argument?

      Here is a bible quote for you that puzzled me when I first read it:

      Proverbs 26:4-5

      4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
      or you yourself will be just like him.
      5 Answer a fool according to his folly,
      or he will be wise in his own eyes.

      Talk about Bible contradicting itself in two adjacent verses. First I thought it was a typo. It’s not. I checked several different translations. It took me a while to figure out what it means. It means that a discussion with someone you disagree only makes sense if there is a reasonable hope that you may change the person’s mind. If there is no such hope, it makes two fools talking. It’s a tough one to apply in real life.

      • Perhaps there is some wisdom to the proverbs quote. That is you can’t win with a fool.

        I have had some first hand experience of this on other sites where I have sought to engage with bloggers that have made statements that they think are very smart which I have found quite bizarre.

        If I engage with them I just get more of the bizarre statements which they think settle the issue. So when I try the other tactic of ignoring the bizarre statements I suspect they convince themselves that they silenced me with their superior logic. So whatever approach one takes the fool thinks themselves wise and that they have won the argument.

        So it is best to avoid such people. Alas I have not been as disciplined in this regard as I should.

          • Yes being an atheist does not necessarily make a person wise or of integrity. But the major difference between atheism and Christianity is that atheism never actually claims to do so.

            That is one of the factors that caused me to question Christianity, the people I met in churches were actually so similar to those who never attended church that I could see the evidence claimed in the Bible for transformation.

            I should clarify that does not mean that no people are changed for the better by Christianity. I know two people who definitely were changed for the better as a result of becoming part of a Church. But I suspect that was more to do with the benefit of becoming part of a caring community where they felt valued than a supernatural transformation.

            • For me, the biggest problem faced by the “practicing Christian” be he Catholic or Protestant or something Other, is the enforced and expected hypocrisy that many if not most practice, through no fault of their own, often. You have been set an impossible task, i.e., with uncertain parameters, depending on your particular persuasion.

              It is a sin in some churches to drink spirits. In some, not. It’s a sin in some churches to use birth control. In some, not. Sin is not necessarily immoral behavior, it’s what a particular church deems it to be.

              The old saying goes, Sin on Friday night, confess on Saturday afternoon to the priest who forgives allll your sins, hang on until Sunday Mass, and start all over.

              An atheist is no different than any other person, and his misadventures and mistakes are just that. But what he does in his private life is his responsiblity, both the doing and the undoing. I think anyone who is conscious of his own responsbility toward himself and others, rather than resting on God’s podium, does what he does more thoughtfully. Carefully. And the notion of sin is not tacked on like a Superman Cape.

              • IMO, “relationship with God” is simply a relationship with your own conscientiousness which is similar to “consciousness” (self-awareness) but also involves the sense of “good” and “bad”. Some people have this relationship, some don’t, both atheists and believers. Religion simply forces people to have this relationship, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. It does not mean that atheists cannot have it.

  3. I’ve only pulled comments on a post’s subject because it was about suicide and the comments (just a few, but still) were “yeah, so what, no loss:” types. Considering my post was about promoting resources and options, I didn’t think they belonged there. The others I have pulled have been slams on my appearance, which I do bring up from time to time, but that is when I discuss my own body image issues.

    UGH on the block o’text, and I will add customizing with unreadable fonts. It’s almost like they did that on a dare to see if people would try to read what they say if they use off white on antique white, or such.

  4. One clue, there on reading the unreadable: select the entire page as if you were going to do a copy and paste. the text should be readable as long as the select is in force.

    My major peeve (how quickly we forget) is when someone uses red or yellow text or even purple. sometimes purple on blue. Or italics allll the time. or a font that’s so small I need readers to see it and there is no option to make it larger..

    Always, always ask if anyone has trouble with the color, the background (why do we use backgrounds at all) behind the text page or , quelle horreur, AS the text page, and it scrolls with you as you move down the page. really nice. Not.

  5. I don’t read the moment I see a chunk of words with no paragraphs. I already feel tired just looking at it. Haha!

    Also, I couldn’t agree more with #5. I do agree with all your points, but #5 is common courtesy. If someone says ‘hello’, it’s rude to not say anything in reply. Bloggers who start off like that won’t have a growing readership.

  6. The one thing that irks me aside from consistently slopping spelling and grammar (call me a snob all you want – it’s important) are bloggers who begin every post with an apology for not having stuck to their blogging schedule and/or an explanation of what they were up to instead. If you’ve had to drop out of blogging for a while unexpectedly (or expectedly) and are offering up an apology for that, sure, that’s cool – I probably missed you! But I don’t need to know why you weren’t able to post at 3:00 and had to post at 8:00 instead as the lead to every. single. post.

      • Hey, good for you – I admire the “get back to it” approach. Although I really don’t mind it when someone, like you, explains a prolonged absence – I actually rather appreciate it. It’s more when bloggers offer up apologies and explanations in every single post for “issues” I never even noticed in the first place. I really liked this one blogger’s work, but stopped reading her blog when every post started with an explanation of why she was posting today as opposed to yesterday or at noon instead of at 8 am. Scheduling talk began to take up the entire first paragraph of every post. Pretty irksome.

  7. Or come back after a year’s absence and explain about the operation and the sick baby and how busy you were and, and, and, then promise to keep it up, REALLy…and its the last post. cricket cricket…the worst part of that is you start wondering what happened? Did the sick baby die? was there an accident? Did the house burn down?

    This one puzzles me: the apparent long hours someone puts into a post, composing, editing, structuring…every single day. Maybe it’s just me, but how long can it take to type two paragraphs?

    • Yes, I will second this. There are some bloggers who desperately need to stop telegraphing. Just do what you’re going to do – you really don’t need to lay it all out for me in an Excel spreadsheet in advance. Because life will get in the way of your best laid plans and your schedule is going to go all to hell and you’ll look kind of foolish when you don’t deliver on your 20-point plan for personal awesomeness.

  8. What a great post! To echo Brent’s sentiment, your title really caught my attention.

    I always seem to run into #3. I totally get that in order to grow your brand, a little bit of self promotion is necessary. But when every other link is a sales pitch, it gets an eye roll and an unfollow from me.

    Enjoyed reading this! Definitely sharing it!

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