Even A Small Child Knows Slaughtering Animals For Religious Purposes Is Wrong

I just saw a small boy rescue a goat from a religious ritual sacrifice and nearly broke down crying. Even a small child knows that slaughtering animals for religious purposes is wrong. In Nepal, they even have festivals where hundreds of thousands of animals are killed to appease one of their Gods:

The two-day festival, called Gadhimai Mela Festival, takes place at the Gadhimai temple about 100 miles south of Kathmandu.

The festival is held every five years, during which hundreds of thousands of animals are killed in the name of the Hindu goddess of power. Devotees believe the ritual will bring them good luck.

In 2009, an estimated 350,000 animals were killed. Close to 500,000 animals were expected to be sacrificed this year, despite campaigns to ban the festival.

Millions of Hindus from all over India and Nepal participate in the festival to honor the Goddess Gadhimai, a Hindu deity who devotees believe will grant them wishes if they sacrifice animals and birds.

And here’s the aftermath. If you want to see more pictures, follow the link I provided above.


According to the video, this is what happened when a young boy saw a goat that was about to be ritually sacrificed:

Can one boy’s compassion change ages of old habits?

In Nepal, when people go to Temple, some of them take a goat or chicken to sacrifice. This was Adrian’s first visit to Nepal and first visit to a Temple. When Adrian accidentally spotted a goat being slaughtered, he realized his new animal friend was next in line. Watch what happened next.

When bad ideas are protected from scrutiny, this is what can happen. Let’s hope that the Gadhimai Mela Festival can be stopped.

I’m going to stop writing now before my anger gets the better of me and I type something I regret.

* Thanks go to the Friendly Atheist for putting this story on his blog



  1. Wow, that is pretty powerful isn’t it. I’d imagine the religious would say to that, ‘next time don’t bring the kids to the sacrifice,’ or, ‘children need to learn that sacrifice is good.’

    Nice to see the parents didn’t force the sacrifice and took the child away.

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