Where Do You Get Your Inspiration For Blog Topics?

blog-327074_640People have asked me this occasionally, since I’ve been blogging for a while. WordPress is relatively new to me. I blogged for News Vine and blogger before coming here.

But anyways, I thought I’d answer it right here and see if we can’t get more ideas from the rest of you in the comment section below.

Other Blogs

I love responding to other blogs. I often find myself writing out a comment that is far too long and so I end up constructing a blog post about it. Usually it’s a blog post I don’t agree with, but I’m a contrary sort of man, given to disagreeable behavior.

The News

For this blog (focused around religion and atheism) I can easily find inspiration by looking at any major news outlet. There are always religious stories in there. Although, I often find the news depressing.


Just stuff that’s happening to me at the time. Like right now I was thinking about my last blog post (Pet Peeves) and how much fun it was to write about. I went from that to writing this one, because I often think to myself that I want my blog to be diverse. While at its core I want it to be about religion and atheism, I don’t want it to just be about those things.

The other purpose of this blog is to show that atheists are just regular people. We’re often tagged as being immoral or demonized by religious communities and I also want to disperse that myth by showing people we are all very similar, even if we don’t agree on the topic of religion.

So the things I run into on a day-to-day basis play a factor in what I write about.


Religion is an interest of mine. But I have many more, like conspiracy theories, superstitions, games, reading, learning and so on. Those interests and my exploration of those topics often turn into blog posts.

Guest Posts

I know some people don’t like to feature guest posts but I love it. One of my favorite things I ever wrote was an email debate I had with a religious friend of mine about whether religion was bad for society. It was a lot of fun to do and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I also like letting people (and weirdly enough most guest posts I have are from religious people) have a say on my blog, even if they disagree with my point of view. I also like how it fosters a sense of community. After all, we’re all just bloggers typing words on our computers and then jettisoning them out into cyber-space.

Crap I’m Reading

Just stuff I’m reading at the time, whether it be a National Geographic or piece of fiction. Sometimes the thing I’m reading about strikes a nerve and I find myself wanting to explore it more deeply, which might lead to a blog post. I especially like supernatural things, like ghost stories or weird happenings.

The Tube

I once watched Long Island Medium and wrote a post about it. I’ve watched a documentary on the History Channel and later wrote about the subject. It’s pretty much whatever inspires you at the time. I don’t watch a lot of TV (except Game of Thrones, baby!) so the tube isn’t as much a factor as the others for me.

Help Me!

Sometimes I just sit in front of the screen blankly. On those days, I might post some pictures I’ve recently taken or start reading through my Reader. Pretty much wherever I can pull inspiration from is good to me.

So where do you pull your inspiration from for blog posts?



  1. For me its pretty much scatter shot: funny moments (which often arent at the time), insightful ones, posts that come out of nowhere (and arent intended to go anywhere anyway) or the kind that write themselves, starting at point A and half way through suddenly finding myself heading in a particular direction (otherwise known as the “saved by the bell” moment) that actually is bigger than the original premise.
    I think of it often as an online diary, and indeed have scrolled backwards more than once to find WHEN something happened and how much snow we REALLY had…

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