10 Things I Hate (Pet Peeves)

I was reading another blog yesterday (by Opinionated Man) that made me smile. It was about pet peeves or things that drive that person a bit crazy. I thought I’d construct my own just for the fun of it.

  1. When I order a take-out coffee and the person making it can’t even be bothered to stir it. The first gulp tastes like diesel fuel. Stop it already! If your job is to make coffee, make it right!
  2. Any sort of celebrity news. Honestly, I don’t give a flying crap about what the Royals are doing or what sort of nuttery Tom Cruise is up to. Don’t ask me whether I heard about the latest celebrity gossip either. Hell, I’d rather discuss almost any other topic.
  3. People who walk in busy areas (like malls) as if they own the place. No matter what is coming towards them, they refuse to even budge an inch from their trajectory.
  4. Overused puns. One pun I can handle but I recently played a game with a group of people and one guy made a pun almost every time he opened his pie-hole. By the end of the game, I wanted to put something sharp in my ears so I wouldn’t have to hear him any more.
  5. When I forget to put sugar in my own coffee and the first gulp tastes like diesel…fuel. Oh no! I’m worse than the person I talk about in #1. How…disappointing. I’m starting to see that my life may well revolve around coffee.
  6. Every time I see someone with their pants halfway down to their knees or their hat on at a weird angle. I guess I’m old but I want to pull their pants up…or chase them so I can see them fall and they can find out how impractical their choice of clothing is. I know, I’m an evil, evil man.
  7. When guys grunt at the gym. Work out in silence, man. I’m not talking about a low grunt escaping but the guy who grunts during every lift like he’s pushing out a fat turd. Yes dude, we all see you. Stop it already.
  8. Parents who don’t watch their kids. Or parents who do watch their kids but don’t say anything when their kids are doing something stupid. For example, the other day I saw one kid playing on a video game and another kid came over and started to tap the same screen instead of waiting their turn. The parent clearly saw their kid being a pain and didn’t say a word.
  9. People who take everything super serious. For example, the other day my dog farted loudly and my wife heard it. She said, ‘Dexter!’ and I shook my head and said, ‘This happens because his mommy-dog didn’t teach him any manners’. I guess she was in a bad mood because she gave me the stink eye as if I were seriously insulting her, when I was merely having a bit of fun…at her expense, of course. Sorry honey!
  10. Me. I annoy me sometimes. Like right now I’m writing this when I should be getting ready to head to the gym. I know I’m procrastinating but I keep doing it anyways. Tap, tap, tap goes the keys, while I concoct an excuse not to go.

But go I shall!

What are some of your pet peeves or things you hate? Feel free to concoct your own list or hit the comment section below and leave one or two of your own.

Thanks to OM for the inspiration.

*GC puts hat on sideways and throws away belt before waddling off into the sunset towards the gym*



  1. The lack of choice in diet soda at self-serve soda machines. I go up to a machine that has 8 or maybe 12 choices of soda, and what are my choices for something sugar-free? Diet coke, or water. Humph.

    Also restaurants who don’t get tea. I don’t drink coffee (to me it tastes like diesel fuel no matter how much sugar or creamer or whatever you put into it). When I order tea, sometimes I get something so strong that it might as well be coffee. And sometimes I get a cup of hot water and a Lipton tea bag, and get charged $5.00. And sometimes I get offered “peppermint rooibos, or chamomile sleepytime, or super-bitter special Japanese green mud.” I just want a nice cup of “tea, Earl Grey, hot” and I don’t see why that’s so hard.

    • Those are great! I’m not a tea drinker but I can sympathize. My mom used to give me tea when I was sick so I think it ruined it for me, although I do like green tea.

      I was in McDonalds yesterday with a client and they have this machine that has over 100 choices of soda, many of which are sugar free. Maybe they heard your request!

  2. 1. People who help you finish your sentences, humming along with you. sometimes I trick ’em and change the ending. Mostly we just have really short convos.
    2. People who turn everything into a double entendre.
    3. The Food Police–you pass on asparagus because you hate it, they put some on your plate. You ignore it, then they tell you you’re wasting food…
    4. You arrive for a visit and as you open the door the scent of terribly strong flavored coffee wafts out to meet you. 1) you dont drink coffee after lunch, 2) you hate flavored coffee, 3) she made a BIG pot of it, 4) and she never asked.
    5. Parents who only reprimand their kids after someone notices the little hooligans trying to turn their new sofa into a big bag o’ stuffing. Or gives you the hairly eyeball when you mention it
    6. Drivers who brake going up hill. WHY?
    7. They never ask if its okay to bring the dog. I have cats and NO, thank you, they do not get along with dogs. I get to play referee for the entire visit.
    8. Drivers who begin tapping the horn five seconds before the light even turns green.
    9. Cell phones in public, and the people who feel the need to shout into them.
    10 baggy pants on kids (which is now becoming less and less fashionable)–I was talking to a salesman in Sears one day, he said he was following one of those, replete with the baseball cap, the slouchy walk, the 5-foot keychain…he caught up with the kid and put his foot on the dragging pants. “Thank god,” he said, “the kid had underwear on…” some things are just too tempting

  3. 7. When guys grunt at the gym. Work out in silence, man. I’m not talking about a low grunt escaping but the guy who grunts during every lift like he’s pushing out a fat turd. Yes dude, we all see you. Stop it already.cite>

    LMAO — that reminded me of this:

  4. Able bodied individuals who press the handicap button on a door and then stand there slack jawed while it creeps open far enough for them to shuffle through. Unless you’re disabled, wheeling something around with you like a stroller or totally encumbered with packages, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR YOURSELF.

    Also, if you walk through a door I am holding open for you and do not thank me because you’re staring down at your phone, I will slam it in your face.

    Door manners – clearly my peeves.

  5. #3 – I’m going to dovetail onto that: The group walkers that spread out in a row, usually five or more, coming at you from the opposite direction. They need to move, I mean split, like the Red Sea. No taking up all the space!

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  7. I do not drink coffee! Get my required daily caffeine fix from a single 8 oz. can of Mountain Lightning (Walmart’s cheaper replica of Mountain Dew. Happens to be stronger than the real product). You get your caffeine infusion along with your sugar all in one! You don’t even have to brew it.
    Jeanette Hall

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