Dear atheists: A Rebuttal

Not even Dexter can believe it

Not even Dexter can believe it

You know there’s a good chance a post is going to head off the tracks right away when it starts off with ‘Dear atheists’ in the title. You click it, hoping it isn’t going to be the usual smear job about how atheists have no way to distinguish what is moral or ethical without their particular flavor of God.

But then you realize it’s the same hate-filled, fear mongering article as you’ve read before, just with a slightly different slant. The newest one I read here on WordPress was called, “Dear atheists, I concede that you are better people than me. Now let’s talk about how you compare to Jesus and his standard . . .”

What a cliff hanger! I had to read on. My hands were sweaty with anticipation as I scrolled downward.

I’ve often seen atheists trumpet about how they are better and more moral than Christians.  I find the arguments to be fallacious and pointless, as they are part of the atheist’s incoherent worldview that you can have moral laws without a moral law-giver, and they conveniently script a moral code that just happens to align with what they sometimes do.

Of course, you can read the entire post and never see an example or explanation given about how or why an atheists worldview is ‘incoherent, fallacious and pointless’. Much, much easier to throw mud at the wall and hope something sticks. Examples and explanations are for those godless heathens!

And what atheists sometimes do?

Yes! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Every Christian is always the bastion of consistency and ethical stewardship. Christians never ‘sometimes’ do what’s right. They always do the right thing 100% of the time, unlike those crazy, incoherent atheists.

Having said that, regardless of who is really better I’m glad to concede their point for the sake of argument.  Sure, atheists, you are better than me morally.  But that won’t accomplish much for you in light of eternity.  You will face your creator and be accountable for your sins.  Pointing out how awful I was in comparison won’t do a thing for you.

Great. Can we get down to the part where we compare ourselves to your mythical Jesus guy, who told people he was the son of a God responsible for genocide and many other unethical actions?

Please. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Here’s your standard: Romans 2:16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.

He is your standard and judge.  We all fall woefully short.  The Good News is that He already took the punishment for those who repent and believe in him.  Do that while there is still time, and stop giving yourself false comfort by pretending that being better than your neighbor takes away your guilt.

What happens to infants who die before they have a chance to consider this God of yours? What about children who die, who may have a dozen years to consider this religion, while others may have 80+ years? Is this God that arbitrary? Are you saying that THIS is his master plan?

And too late for what? What is the implied threat?

Please don’t tell me that I’ll be burned for eternity for not believing, even though this infinitely powerful God would have known that would happen and could easily have furnished the evidence I need to believe.

Sorry, but I prefer to deal with actual people when I’ve done something unethical. When I’ve harmed someone, I will apologize to them. I do not need to put these wrongs at the feet of an invisible deity. I will accept responsibility from them, learn from my mistakes, take the consequences my actions have imposed and move on.

But hey, I’m just an incoherent atheist. What do I know.



  1. Jeebus is a gold standard for the believer. What does he think of the Buddhist or Confucian who has Buddha or Confucius as their standards. Men who condemned no one. Taught only that we should aspire to higher ideals?

  2. If the qualifications get any narrower they’ll have to walk sideways to get in

    What’s interesting, ONLY Christians are allowed in their heaven. It must be a special place, where buddhists and Jews and Cat’lics (you realize they arent considered Christian anymore, which I find a bit creepy) and followers of Islam or Vishnu or whomever are simply not allowed.

    What most of the Believers don’t really understand is that the bible was written by Jews FOR Jews. Jesus was Jewish. I had one woman look at me as if were insane for saying that, and she said, “well, yes, but he converted”…

  3. Actually, according to the comments on the post you mentioned, neither you nor I really exist. Which explains why I see nothing when I look in the mirror. And here I thought I was a vampire…

  4. I had a look at the post you linked to and noticed a comment at the top of the site ‘exposing the Christian left’. Perhaps the only people the blogger hates more than atheists are the Christian left?

    I would be interested in the bloggers take on the early church in Jerusalem, which according to Acts, sold their goods and held everything in common.

  5. Hey Godless,… I really enjoyed saying that. Sorry. Anyway, if you knew what kind of post it was going to be, then why bother? Isn’t it kind of like going to that racist uncle, the one who always ticks you off with his bigotry. At some point you just accept that you don’t HAVE to talk to him at all. Wouldn’t that be healthier?

  6. It’s always a beautiful thing when theists start from a daft premise and then spend a post or discussion proving it. I say theists because I have not yet seen an atheist do it, although doubtless there are many plonker atheists I have yet to read one.
    I was once told by a Muslim chappie that Twitter was a religion…that then formed the basis of our conversation. You try and look someone in the computer screen when that is the starting point and take them seriously.
    I think one of the saddest things about religion is often the people who represent it. Your example is an example. I’d be miffed if I were God.

    • Here’s the scary part: I once found a definition of religion that covers all major religions for all time: it needs an all powerful “god”, or godhead: a second language that is either so obscure that only the high priests can understand it, or is a dead language–it has a hierarchy of followers, from the people at the top to their acolytes (who are admitted into the holy rites and seekrits, to the people at the bottom who perform rituals according to the rules–with special places of worship–certain rituals performed daily, weekly, etc.
      when I read that, my first thought was, oh my. You could plug computers (sorry about that) into this definition and have it come out as a full blown religion…so maybe your Muslim believer was closer than we think. Twitter as a religion doesnt sound that far off.

      • Judy, if the remainder of the convo had a 5th of that intelligence or attempt at explanation to it we’d probably still be chatting away about the Koran on a regular basis. The context of his explanation was so obtuse and devoid of intellect it left my eyebrows raised and mouth hung so wide open a few flies tried to move in.

    • It’s almost as if religion twists their reasoning power in that one subject only but releases its hold in other areas. It’s a strange phenomenon and one of the reasons I find religion so fascinating.

      They do that religion is everything bit all the time. Money, property…twitter (admit I’ve never heard that one before) are called religions.

      • It is extraordinarily fascinating. That aspect of it is possibly most fascinating. Logical reasoning in most areas whereas religion = soundbites and things learnt by rote as a child and never challenged.

        To me it says quite a bit about human psychology and how different factions can use mental weakness (I’m sure there is a better term) against others be they religious leaders, football teams, advertising companies or violent husbands.

  7. Every religion uses a combination of guilt, fear, and dominance. And reward. but notice reward only happens after you die. and lets face it, facing the idea of nothing for the rest of eternity can be pretty overwhelming, especially at 2 AM, even for non believers. so we make stuff up. We invent an Other Place where it’s better than here, sort of a Disney world for the Dead. All the things denied to you in this life are in that one. Then you’re told that you need to “earn” it.

    you may be familiar with this: and this by the way is a perfect example of how something so in yo’ face as the Lego Bible is for atheists, it also is seen from a completely different angle by Christians. Check out Revelations. It’ll give you goosebumps

    and there has never been a major civilzation that did not have a religion at the core–once the religion starts to splinter, the civilization or culture goes too. We need a religion to survive, its the glue that holds things together. You may not like approve, but its a group thang, not an individual one.

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