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Odin: As fictional as other Gods
Odin: As fictional as other Gods

Odin: As fictional as other Gods

On my last post (Religion: Historical Failure?) I had an interesting exchange with a reader. You can read the full exchange in the comment section, but I wanted to address a few points in a separate blog post because I feel as though these are commonly held beliefs and I’ve heard them enough to know that many people use these particular ideas as ‘proof’ that Jesus existed and was the Son of God.

He/she (from this point forward I will address the reader as ‘he’ for the sake of ease) initially said:

Take a look at Jesus- He came to this earth and revealed Himself as the Son of God to mankind. Not everyone believed, as a matter of fact, most sought to kill Him.

Let’s say that Jesus did live and was a real person. If he claimed to be the son of God, that isn’t nearly enough evidence to conclude he was the son of God. Hell, I could claim to be the son of God. I’m fairly certain people aren’t going to believe me. Jesus also lived in a time when there were multiple Messiah’s – why not believe them all since it seems you’re only requirement to believe is for someone to claim they’re the son of God?

Who are these ‘most people’? Jesus supposedly lived in a small corner of the world. Only a very small percentage of people living at that time would have even been aware of his existence.

You’d think an all-powerful deity would come up with a better plan, especially since its main requirement is to believe in Jesus, wouldn’t you?

God is a spirit, He’s immaterial. You have a spirit, you also have a mind – neither of which you can see, but you know you possess.

I’m not sure I have a spirit and I certainly don’t know I do. People can’t even seem to give me a concrete description or definition for what a spirit is and what it’s function would be. I also have a brain, which I very much could see using modern technology. Science is very well acquainted with the brain.

You are 100% correct, I am certain & have concluded that Christ Jesus existed, and is who He claims to be, which is why I have chosen to make Him my Lord & Savior. notice – that excludes everyone /everything else.

Okay. There are probably times in my life I wish I could be so gullible and just believe people like Jesus who say they are deities.

Okay, honestly I don’t wish that.

I’m not entirely sure how you came up with this conclusion, but I doubt it had to do with looking at the evidence. I understand believing might bring you peace of mind, but that doesn’t make your God any more believable than the thousands of other Gods that bring people peace of mind every day.

A God who declares the end from the beginning absolutely knows which is why the provision for redemption and restoration were already done. Long before I knew I needed a savior/redeemer, I was provided with one.

In the original post I pointed out how Native Americans would have known nothing about Jesus. In fact, most of the world would have never heard of the man, even if he had existed. Also, where was this God for the billions of years previous to humanity and the majority of the time humanity existed pre-Jesus?

Was He just waiting for his moment to arrive? Was he admiring His work, as most people died of curable diseases or were eaten by predators?

Mind controls matter. Your brain is a material structure that is changed by your thoughts, whether in a positive or negative way. your brain does not control your thoughts, your thoughts control your brain, impacting your very spirit, soul, and body. – see: epigenetics.

Yes, my brain is a material structure, which is why I know it exists. It is where my thoughts come from. Epigenetics is the study of how environmental factors can turn on or off certain genes and affects the way cells read genes. I’m not a scientist, but that sounds like they’re studying real and material substances. They’re not talking about an invisible, indefinable substance called a spirit.

Every single person knows that God exists. He has given each and every one of us an intuitive knowledge of Himself. His creation, His Word- both the written word and Jesus the living Word.

No matter how many times believers insist that I know their God exists, it doesn’t make it true. I know no such thing and I think it doesn’t exist and has never existed.

Besides, if we have this intuitive knowledge, it sure doesn’t show. I mean, there are thousands of different Gods so that means most people came to a different conclusion than you did. Also, even within Christianity, they can’t agree on what their God wants, how it functions or how to interpret it’s book correctly.

You have chosen to depart from what God has laid in your heart and given yourself over to a reprobate mind. You have hardened yourself and denied what’s in your heart, just going by the world and the incoherence of your own logic.

You’re trying to convince yourself and others apart from the truth you know at a heart level, and you will go so far in the other direction that God will give you up to the desires of your heart [which is where you’re currently at].

God won’t force things on you and if you continue to harden yourself to the point of no return, you cannot blame God for not revealing Himself. He’s been doing it the whole time. You have chosen to ignore Him and that which you know is true.

“My Spirit will not always strive with men” –
Today is the day of salvation.

Which God put this knowledge within my heart? Odin, Allah, Jesus, Zeus?

This God has a pretty crappy plan if it knew ahead of time what I’d choose and didn’t offer enough evidence to convince me of its existence. Considering I will live for an infinitesimal amount of time in the great scheme of things, this God of yours gives up rather quickly. Since it would have supposedly created the rules in which we find ourselves and would know ahead of time the outcome, I can only conclude that you’re God is either malevolent or incompetent.

However, I think it far more likely it’s made up, just like the thousands of Gods that came before it.

I can only surmise that the ‘too late’ point is the veiled threat that Christianity often uses to bend people to their will. It doesn’t work on me. You might as well threaten me with evil, invisible goblins. I’ve broken free from the fear that the church teaches throughout childhood.

You could convince me of your Gods existence though – simply offer some evidence.



  1. It’s so interesting that theists claim God has impressed on my heart that he exists, and that this is evident because all people know that there is a God. At the same time, no two people can agree on what this God is/says/wants/does. There are close to 50,000 denominations of Christianity alone. Add this to the host of other religions throughout the world and throughout time, and we end up with millions–if not billions–of different concepts of God.

    Why is it that God can do such a grand job telling us that he exists and such a poor job telling us anything else about him?

    • Almost as if it were made up by people using abstract, contradictory concepts over the course of a large span of time.

      I find it fairly annoying when people insist I know this God exists even though I tell them I do not know it at all. When people tell me they believe their God exists, I do not doubt them. I take them at their word.

      • You bring up a good point. There are occasionally people whose sincerity I tend to doubt. Do some people simply want to believe even though they honestly know better? Are some of the bigger-named Christians simply in it for the money? I have my theories about a few of them, but does that mean I am claiming to know what they believe in the same way they claim to know what I believe?

        I suppose my solution is that I take their statement of faith at face value for the sake of conversation regardless of suspicions I may have. This way, even if I think I know what they believe, I am at least not telling them what they believe.

  2. The irony is that deep down inside they are all skeptics do some extent, but they will never admit it. Jerry DeWitt said the same thing — that most preachers are skeptics but to their flock they’ve become “meaning machines”. Pastors are leaving the churches in fairly large numbers now or they are still behind the pulpit with their fingers crossed. Anyone who visits the Clergy Project website knows this. Also, there was extensive research done where pastors were interviewed, and they admitted to being skeptics during seminary based on studying the history of Christianity and the formation of the NT, but still went into the ministry.

    These “meaning machines” have become experts at creating those “feelings” that people get — associating them to a god. That brain phenomena occurs across all cultures all over the world, and it can easily be induced when the conditions are just right.

    In Derren Brown’s video “How To Convert An Atheists” he demonstrates some of those techniques and causes an atheist to have a profound “spiritual” experience — so profound in fact that the atheist has a difficult time believing the experience had been strategically induced.

  3. “You’re trying to convince yourself and others apart from the truth you know at a heart level,”

    Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.

  4. I know in my heart that Bernie Edwards was the best bass player of all time. You know too, yet you insist it’s all a matter of taste and that music means different things to different people. You’re going to hell for that.

    That paragraph sounds facetious, and it is, but in essence it’s no different from the argument your commenter made.

  5. Hell, I could claim to be the son of God. I’m fairly certain people aren’t going to believe me.

    Gehenna! I would believe you were the son of God. With those swarthy good looks and the ability to make a dog do exactly as it wants just by the sound of your voice how could anyone not think you were God?
    I showed this blog to my wife and she said, ”Jesus … who is that guy?”

    Can’t argue with the wife, right?

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