Freaking Out

I wasn’t going to write about the Supreme Courts decision to legalize same-sex marriage in America, but the reaction from the right is too damn funny not too. The amount of hysteria is in some ways very amusing, but in other ways so very disturbing.

For example:

Mississippi is considering pulling the plug on issuing marriage licenses altogether after the Supreme Court struck down bans on gay marriage Friday morning.

As the state’s governor and lieutenant governor condemned the court’s decision, state House Judiciary Chairman Andy Gipson began studying ways to prevent gay marriage in Mississippi. Governor Phil Bryant said he would do all he can “to protect and defend the religious freedoms of Mississippi.” To Bryant’s point of doing “all” the state could do, Gipson, who is a Baptist minister, suggested removing marriage licenses entirely.

Yup. You read that right. They’re willing to stop issuing marriage licences all together, just to prevent a very small percentage of same-sex couples from being married.

If that doesn’t constitute freaking the f*ck out, I’m not sure what does.

Then there is this:

For instance, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee have both signed a pledge that reads, “We will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.”

Huckabee also challenged the authority of our nation’s highest court when he said, “The Supreme Court can’t overrule God.”

I haven’t heard God chiming in, but these two are elected officials who have sworn to uphold the laws of the land. You’d think they could be removed from office for saying such things.

Then there was Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert who said:

“Founders and leaders including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and most all of the Presidents have noted that it is God who has been the source of this nation’s unfathomable blessings,” Gohmert stated. “But if Moses, Jesus, and contributors to the Bible were correct, God’s hand of protection will be withdrawn as future actions from external and internal forces will soon make clear. I will do all I can to prevent such harm, but I am gravely fearful that the stage has now been set.”

The stage has been set for what?

Who wants to bet that anything that can be perceived as being ‘bad’ will now be attributed to the granting of equal rights to same-sex couples? If there’s a hurricane, tsunami, mass shooting etc, it will be dropped onto the steaming pile of superstition that religion will then light on fire and throw onto the porch’s of those who just want the chance to be legally married and live happy, fruitful lives.

You know…the same thing heterosexuals are allowed to do any time they feel like it.

It’s not the end of the world guys and gals. No invisible man or woman in the sky is going to reach down and wipe America from the map. In fact, if there were a benevolent God, it would be a safer bet that it would descend on America wrapped in a rainbow flag and thank her for finally removing it’s head from it’s butt. If you’re going to label yourself the ‘Leaders of the Free World’, it might be wise to lead by example and spread a little freedom around instead of trying to crush a very small minority and prevent them from expressing their love in the same manner the majority does every single day of the week.



  1. Wonder why they are so freaked out over this, yet don’t think twice about issuing marriage licenses to people who are remarrying after divorce. To my knowledge, the biblical character, Jesus, never said a word about homosexuality, but he certainly took issue with divorce (Mathew 19:9) unless adultery was involved. I guess there must be a whole lotta adultery among conservative Prostestants Christians, as they have the highest divorce rates in the country.

  2. These reactions are pandering at their finest. People can sue in Federal court to make the states issue licenses, so Mississippi’s threat will stop once they keep having to award attorneys’ fees in addition to providing the marriage certificates.

    Then there’s Huckabee and Santorum who can make all these empty promises because marriage certificates aren’t handled Federally. I mean, it’s politicking at its finest. I feel really sad for the people who believe the promises mean something.

    And that Texas dude is stupid as hell. But hey, Texas isn’t exactly known for producing smart people. Just look at the Bush clan.

  3. One of my cousins (which has threatened to block me on FaceBook since I’ve been very vocal of my support, posted something from some guy named “Joshua Feuerstein” that has literally dubbed it the “Christian Holocaust.” I’m like, What the F***? First off, thats sick to even link the two together, and because two people who LOVE each other can get MARRIED!? What the hell kind of logic is that!? Hahaha. Mind you, (and you can read the blog on my page titled “Take Me To Church”) it seems these same people were quiet as can be about a month ago when the numbers came in that over 1,000,000 INNOCENT Iraqis (Men, Women, Children, Infants) were KILLED at the hands of the United States. Silence….But two guys getting hitched? “OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS COMING AND HELL FIRE FROM THE SKY!” It is humorous but also quiet sad that people live in such a delusional state of mind. Scary too, especially since these people can vote. YIKES.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen that guy. He’s like a crazy Fred Durst, with his hat on backwards spouting nonsense. If they have to invoke the holocaust (ironically, the Nazi’s actually killed gay people) then they’ve already lost.

      It’s a sad day when killing people is okay and loving someone is a ‘sin’.

      Thanks very much for stopping by, Matt.

  4. The U.S.A was founded on the backs of genocide and slavery. It seems a bit of an exaggeration to think God is going smite us for allowing consenting adults to do what they wish with other consenting adults. Then again, fear sells. I’m sure there are the requisite references to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  5. As a follower of Jesus, I want to apologize for the hateful and fearful rants by those who claim to be his followers. There are many Christians who, while disagreeing with the sexual mores of today, are not bent out of shape about the Supreme Court’s decision. I suspect that the loud mouths are in the minority.

    • No need to apologize, Bill. 🙂

      However, while polls show you’re right about it being a minority, we’re not talking about a small minority.

      For example:

      You’ll see that 66% of white evangelicals and 68% of Mormons oppose same sex marriage. 30% of Catholics oppose it. Large numbers, whether a minority or not oppose it purely based on religious views that people think have to be enforced through laws on other people – people who may not even share those religious views at all.

      Clearly, religion is the motivating factor when it comes to opposing same-sex marriage. And I very much think these people are (and consider themselves to be) followers of Christ. They firmly believe they are in the right and they can justify those views using the Bible, just as other people may be able to justify their view that same-sex couples deserve equal rights using the Bible.

  6. An acquaintance of mine was lamenting the SC decision the other day and wrote “there’s nothing in the Bible/Constitution that says… [fill in whatever nonsense you want here].”

    What is the Bible/Constitution? I’ve never heard of such a document.

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