We went to a local festival on the weekend called Pawlooza. If the name doesn’t immediately give it away, it’s a festival for dogs.

It was insanely fun, especially for our Lab, Dexter. There were all kinds of vendors; some sold food for humans and some for dogs; some sold doggy treats and others sold portraits.

There were all kinds of dog shows, such as agility, beauty or talent shows to watch. You could enter your dog in a contest, but we didn’t take part in any of those. What we found extremely entertaining was the leash-free zone. It was huge and it sported a big pond that the dogs could frolic in.

Needless to say, Dexter did insane amounts of frolicking. The little (or not so little guy) just loves to swim. I guess that’s what those webbed feet are for.

We had a hard time getting him out of the leash-free zone, but coffee and time ensured both Steph and I had to use the loo after about an hour. I think Dex was a little upset we didn’t bring some Depends so we could stay longer.

How inconsiderate of us.

photo 1(8)

I think I’m going to stay here all day

photo 1(9)

I may look a bit tuckered, but I’m just getting warmed up

photo 2

If I could only get my hands on a tasty stick, I could coerce these other dogs to follow my lead

photo 3(1)

I think I’ll just trot around this pond

photo 3(5)

On the move!



  1. Every place should do something like this. No trouble with not so friendly pups though? We have open area designated parks for dogs, where they can run off leash and play, sadly not enough of them, but a Festival sounds wonderful 🙂 Glad Dex enjoyed himself.

  2. When we had PBGVs, we used to have Zoons, big dog parties for our hounds where they could run around and be crazy and we could be crazy with them. It was the most fun you could legally have. That looks even better because you have WATER, too!

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