Mind Officially Blown

god_made_girlsI wrote a post the other day about modern day feminism. I might have to take everything I said back.  I just found a video of a country song (thanks to Jaclyn Glenn) that is mind blowing in its stupidity and contempt for women.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt,
Somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt,
Somebody’s gotta wanna hold his hand so God Made Girls

Yup. That’s why women exist. Someone has to rock that skirt. Guys can’t be trusted to flirt either and holding hands is out of the question, unless you’re a girl.

Now you know – God made girls for some lofty purposes.

Somebody’s gotta make him get dressed up,
Give him a reason to wash that truck,
Somebody’s gotta teach him how to dance,
So God made girls.

Face meet palm.

I never knew I needed a woman to get dressed. I don’t own a truck, either. I guess I’m not a real man.

My wife was happy to learn that God put her here so that I’d wash my vehicle and learn to dance. When she complained, I told her that complaining wasn’t attractive and she wasn’t being breakable enough.

I told her to listen to this vapid song a few more times.

He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud
But tough enough to break a heart
Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark

I just puked in my mouth a little.

Somebody’s gotta be the one to cry
Somebody’s gotta let him drive
Give him a reason to hold that door so God made girls

Guys can’t cry?

Of course we do. Hell, I’m listening to this song and crying in pain.

Now the next time you’re wondering what’s the purpose to life – why were you put here on planet Earth – you can now comfort yourself with the knowledge that if you’re a female, God made you so that guys would have a reason to open the door and let them sit in the drivers seat. That’s your purpose. That’s why God made girls.

Something that can wake him up and call his bluff and drag his butt to church
Something that is hard to handle
Somethin’ fragile to hold him when he hurts

My wife obviously isn’t fulfilling her God given purpose in life.

She isn’t dragging me to church.

The insane thing is that at the time of this typing, this video has over 8000 likes on YouTube and only 3500 dislikes. If I could dislike this song a million times, I would. Why are people up-voting this piece of crap video and song? Do people not listen to the lyrics?

Jaclyn was right . The song might as well just come out and say it – God made girls for men to use.


I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll take the time to down-vote this song and video.



      • I listened to the whole thing too, GC. I hate Country music unless it’s pre-1930’s (like the stuff from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”). This song…it’s just one stereotype after another, with the notion that some deity did it so it’s a GOOD THING(TM). What’s worse is that I live in the part of the U.S. where I’m going to hear this everywhere I go. And anyone who publicly doesn’t like the sentiments expressed in the song will be labeled a TERRIBLE SINNER(TM & (c) pending).

        Not only does it promote inequality among genders, it also implies divine mandate on that inequality. And some people are going to go there with it.

  1. CG wrote: “How does something so degrading to women get over 8000 likes and fewer dislikes?”

    How does something so degrading to women become the most read and #1 best selling book in history?

    “for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.”

    1 Corinthians 11:9

    Turns my stomach as does the video.

  2. The whole article, the comments and your comments have me in hysterics..laughter that is. Hmm me thinks ‘God’ has a lot to answer to. I’m sitting in the female hairdressers (which I don’t think God made) so can’t listen, but will when I get home. 🙂

  3. There’s tons of this stuff around, I don’t see or hear it any more. It just flutters on by. If I let everything bother me, I’d be bothered 100% of the time. It isn’t worth time or attention. It’s just stupid and we aren’t going to cure stupidity. It’s hard-wired into our species’ DNA.

  4. I didn’t listen. I detest C&W.
    But I read ”truck” and because of my unfortunate upbringing my mind raced ahead of my eyes for a second and I held my breath – as this was a rhyming song sort of thing, yes?

    From the picture, she does look a real ”fender-bender”. Is that sexist?
    Where’s ma Cowboy hat … y’all? I’m goin’ drilling for oil! Ye haw! C’mere, darlin’.

    I must say, while I would rather swim butt-naked across a piranha infested river than subject myself to this type of music I do appreciate many things American.
    For instance, there is nothing I like more that to see a woman in an American-made bra, as I know, one Yank, and it’s off.
    Now that is sexist. … y’all.


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