How Do You Come Up With Blog Ideas?

I’ve always been intrigued by the writing process. Sometimes I’m full of ideas and sometimes I have to put in a little work to get inspired. If you’re into blogging, you probably know what I’m talking about.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I come up with and hold onto ideas for my blog. Most of them are probably common sense but I’ll write about them anyways.

Go ahead.

Go ahead and try to stop me…

There is only evil laughter in your future if you try.


Books, books the magical books

I read a lot and often those magazines, books, pamphlets etc bring along the inspiration train.

For example, maybe you’ve just read an historical fiction novel and you decide to see what parts of the book are true and which aren’t.

Write about it!

Hell, if the book intrigued you enough to try and figure out which parts are truth and which are fiction, how many more people might feel the way you do? How exciting will that journey for you be and won’t that excitement shine through on your blog?

I know when I’m reading a blog, I love it when the author is passionate about their subject, even if I don’t agree with them. That’s what blogging dreams are made of, baby.

Other blogs, ahoy!

I like writing rebuttal pieces. I read quite a few blogs that would most likely disagree with my own. I do this because it provides insight into how other people think and what sorts of topics I should address.

Besides, engaging with other bloggers is what it’s all about for many of us, right?

What better way of accomplishing that than to read what the blogging community is putting out there and engaging it using your own blog?

There is a lot of great content out there just waiting to be explored. Those other blogs can provide a lot of inspiration for your own blog.

Looking for something to write about?

Get reading some blogs!


Notebook in hand, I begin my journey

I daydream a lot. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting there doing my best imitation of a zombie – drool coursing down my chin – when an idea pops into my squishy little head. I know that it will fly right out of there unless I write it down.

If I weren’t such a bozo and a bit more organized, I’d be carrying a notebook around with me. Instead, I often resort to typing the idea in the form of a text message. I don’t send it and my phone saves it as a draft.

Sad right?

Hey, don’t judge me.

Pictures can be a bloggers best friend

Not only can I drool with the best of them, I can be one lazy S.O.B. Sometimes (gasp) I just don’t want to write a lot but I still want to throw a post up.

Not literally. That would be painful. The great white toilet wouldn’t be happy with me either.

But I digress.

Here comes the old cliche of a picture being worth a thousand words.

You can throw some neat photos up, type in a few paragraphs explaining what the *bleep* is going on in them and away you go.

Plus, people like me will adore your blog. Sure, I love written content, but sometimes I  like to soak up some visuals. If you’re still not convinced, I also think it’s a good way to connect with your readers. I know I like learning things about the people I follow. At the very least, a face to go along with the voice is appreciated.

The boob toob

I don’t watch a ton of TV (although I blame Netflix for sucking the life from me some nights) I do sometimes get an idea from that nefarious appliance.

For example, my latest blog post (besides this one, smarty) is the beginning of a conspiracy theory category on my blog. I got that idea from watching a cheesy show on (you guessed it) Netflix that dealt with that subject. I was so engrossed by it, that I decided to work on my own using this blog.

You can always try the news, science shows, religious shows or whatever turns you on.

Go ahead. Give it a try. Just don’t get sucked in too much…


Just day to day stuff

If all else fails, try thinking back over your day and find something to write about. Sometimes a post that sounds boring in your head will turn out to be one of your best.

I think the biggest thing is to sit down and get writing. There is no Blog God forcing you to hit the ‘publish’ button. You can always let the post languish in blogger purgatory.

So what are some of the ways you come up with and retain your blog ideas?



  1. I believe you have uncovered of the the Great Truths of writing.

    EVERYTHING is fuel for the engine. You can’t live in a tree or locked alone in a room. We all need stimulation, new ideas, things that annoy us, inspire us, force us to think about stuff we might otherwise never think about.

  2. Interesting post! When I started writing, I usually got inspired by stuff I read, mostly in Philosophy and Psychology. Slowly, I have expanded more into “life” type of things because I sometimes write humour posts, and they only come from observation. I usually save my ideas as notes on my phone as well. So, a huge list of “Ofs” are waiting in my phone, asking to be written at some point. I wish I was inspired and dedicated enough to write everyday, as I find it very healthy. I tried in July, but inspiration seems to have taken a holiday in August!

  3. I normally try to read a few pages of the bible in the morning – usually when I am on the loo. ( toilet for you foreigners) It is now a rather thin bible.
    Anyhow, once I’m in a suitably bad mood and full of s**t – but by now I’m not, of course, then I am ready to log-on and go gunning for Crispyuns! Turn of Burn baby, turn or burn.

    Sigh…in actual fact, I normally just wander round the garden to clear my head and providing I don’t tread in dog poop I usually have an idea or two and a couple of half-decent photos.

  4. Good suggestions.

    Two thoughts on your ideas:

    (1) Books
    I hate blog series that “review” books with multiple posts. If I am going to read that much, I’d rather just read the book. So books inspire me too, but please don’t do long book reviews — yawn. Not that you do, of course.

    (2) Pictures
    Yeah ! I wish people spiced up their blogs more with pics. Better yet — things they make themselves are 10x better: photoshopped pics, diagram, art …

    Suggestion to bloggers, when you visit a site, and drop a comment, follow the comments by email for a while (at least) to see if people respond to you. Don’t do “fly-bys” — it is sort of like peeing on someone’s house. 🙂

  5. Oh, I have a suggestion for blog material. You said, “I like writing rebuttal pieces.”
    I think that as you read blogs — atheist or religious or political … — you will see ideas repeated that you disagree with. Well, instead of writing a specific rebuttal to one persons’ post, write a general (more well thought out) rebuttal for those whole class of arguments. Then, when you visit blogs committing the error you wrote about, you can link to that post instead of being verbose on blog threads.
    For example, recently, I have done that here in this post:
    False Generalization about ‘Religion’

    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      I generally just repeat myself. I can see why your method would work, but I think of it as bad form to drop links to my own blog in someone else’s blog, unless I ask for permission first. I don’t want them thinking I visited to promote my blog.

      I do follow by email. When someone hits the ‘reply’ button to one of my comments, it shows up in my notifications and if I think a response is warranted, I return. If they don’t hit the reply button, I don’t know if they respond. I visit too many blogs to get emailed for each one.

      Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Like many of us bloggers, I often wonder how others come up with their content. I will be creating an article where I share some of my ideas for blog creation, but until then, here’s the meat and potatoes: It depends on your blog’s mission/vision. My blog is geared towards people in leadership positions (or seeking to be), business managers, entrepreneurs, etc.
    My primary goal is to provide valuable content that benefits the reader by sharing some of my points of views, experiences and what I think are best business practices. In addition to this business side, I share information on my experience as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student (started training 2 yrs go). So what’s in it for me? why do I care about sharing this content, and more importantly, how do I come up with said content you may ask. I hope that by reading some of my content I can help somebody avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made or seen others make. And if in doing so you like my business page and make purchases then thats all the better 🙂 In regards to content creation (blog posts) I (like you mentioned) read TONS of articles online or through print. In doing so I too submit rebuttals, add information that may not have been shared on the topic, and even share what I learned from reading the article. I google the news section and search for terms in the news. Some examples can be “strategic management” or “consumer behavior” and then when an interesting article shows up I write my rebuttal or create new content if a question is raised.
    I should also note, like you wrote, sometimes I get tons of ideas, other times I lack the focus/motivation. I have a file where I type possible blog post ideas/topics, and I add items to it from time to time. This helps me focus on conducting the necessary research for the topics.
    Lastly (sorry, running long on the reply lol) I try to schedule a post per week. I have a rough draft of a post schedule (1st week of the month = Veteran issues; 2nd week = Marketing post, 3rd week = Entrepreneurship, 4th week = BJJ training stuff). This is only an example of what my schedule plan is. If I do this and I come up with a few articles in one section/topic I can simply write the article and keep it in a draft status until I am ready to publish it. This will free me up to write other blogs later on too.

    Anyways, sorry for the lengthy reply, I hope this helps and thanks for the great post!

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