Medieval Madness

It’s my 38th birthday on Wednesday, but because it’s a long weekend, my honey decided to celebrate it ahead of time by taking me to Medieval Times. For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, Medieval Times is a dinner and a show.

I’m a huge Medieval time period geek. I love that kind of stuff and I’d told my wife that I wanted to see the show before I shuffled off this mortal coil. She remembered and bought me the ‘King’s Package’. It was a blast!

What was our baby boy doing while we enjoyed the show?

Hanging with his friends in the pool, of course.

dexter in pool_resized


Go ahead and stay as long as you want Mommy and Daddy!

Go ahead and stay as long as you want Mommy and Daddy!

Anyhow, it was a surprise. I thought we were on our way to Niagara Falls, but instead we headed towards Toronto. We finally arrived, and this is what it looks like in the box office area.

Don't make a wrong move, wimpy modern people

Don’t make a wrong move, wimpy modern people

We got the tickets confirmed and were given a blue crown. The paper crowns corresponded with the seat (package) you bought. We were addressed as ‘M’Lord’ and ‘M’Lady’.

My wife told me not to get used to it. It wouldn’t continue once we made it back home.

The lights dimmed and we waited in anticipation. This is what it looked like.

Let the show begin

Let the show begin

Us waiting in anticipation for the show to begin

Us waiting in anticipation for the show to begin

So after a little bit of waiting, the King’s Herald came out to address the crowd of nobles.


The Kings Herald

And then the King arrived, accompanied by his retinue of retainers, squires and knights.

The King arrives!

The King arrives!



The King!

We were given some type of tomato soup. It was very tasty. There were no utensils so everything you were given had to be eaten with your fingers.

I’m in heaven. Utensils are so overrated.

So remember when I said you were given a colored crown that corresponded with the seating section you purchased?

We were given our very own knight to cheer for.

Blue is our guy

Blue is our guy


Tremble in fear, all ye other knights

Tremble in fear, all ye other knights

There were games, which featured our knights ‘competing’ with one another. They used lances to grab rings, had a relay race, jousted and so on. All the while, we stuffed our faces with delicious finger food. We had garlic bread, soup, chicken, ribs and pastry for dessert. Since it was my birthday, I also got a yummy piece of birthday cake.

My honey enjoying the show

My honey enjoying the show

Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete without me spending entirely too much money buying medieval swag. I ended up buying a T-shirt, a beer stein (even though I rarely drink alcohol) and these beauties – the Dark Link sword and shield!

Dark Link sword and sheild

Dark Link sword and sheild


It was a fantastic day. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my birthday.





  1. We did something similar in Ireland on our honeymoon. It was a medieval banquet in a real medieval castle and when they found out we were honeymooners, they kept giving us mead. I have no head for booze. I don’t remember anything much after my second cup, except on the way back to the B&B, I was singing and Garry was telling me to shut up. But I was so HAPPY.

    I was much less happy the following morning. For some reason, I had a headache. Garry assured me I had a VERY good time.

      • First, happy birthday. You are at an age when birthdays are not yet to be dreaded. Enjoy it! Lazing around sounds good to me.

        I don’t drink at all any more. But that mead — red wine an brandy heavy with honey — goes down real smooth. I apparently did not pass out during dinner, but I have no idea what happened, what the entertainment was, nothing. The part I remember best were the bagpipers wjp piped us into the hall. And the castle (Bunratty Castle, in Shannon) dates from the 15th century.

        I love all that stuff too. Ireland has so much. Have a second honeymoon. Go to Ireland. They even speak English, sort of. It was not only a great honeymoon. It was just GREAT.

  2. Sounds like a blast! Went to a wedding once where the theme was medieval. All dress up and Ye Olde this and that.
    I was drafted in to do the Best Man speech as it was rumored that the Best Man had a penchant for quickly becoming the Worst Man and likely to get Peed on Mead.
    It was a blast. Throwing meat bones at the peasants!

    Happy Beday for the morrow, Sir Larfalot. Best wishes and hope you have a ball!

  3. What a blast! I’m a bit of a Medieval time period geek myself and am looking forward to going to our Renaissance Festival that starts next weekend. I love it there! I won free tickets too this year, so bonus! 😀

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