Weekend Excursion: Sparta

My wife just finished up her holidays. This last weekend, she decided to drag me out to a small town called Sparta. Here’s a little bit about the town.



It’s definitely a beautiful little town, full of green spaces and historical architecture.

We started out by visiting the lavender farm.

It was a neat experience. I didn’t know so many things could be made using lavender. There was soap, salad dressings, candles, recipe books and even ice-cream sandwiches.

I tried the ice-cream sandwiches. They were delicious.

The people were very friendly and we got to meet their Dog, Harry Potter.


Harry Potter was a total sweetheart and he proceeded to follow us around and get pets while we toured the place.

Here’s two pictures of the lavender field.

photo 1(1)

lavender field 1

lavender field 2

lavender field 2

From there (once we’d stuffed our faces with ice-cream sandwiches) we headed into town and visited some of the local shops. We saw some pretty neat stuff in the local antique stores. My favorite building was the Forge and Anvil Museum. I love museums, but it was a blast looking at some of the clothing worn back then. We really had a laugh at some of the pictures – the people in them looked like they never smiled. They all looked so severe, especially the males with their large sideburns and glowering expressions.

Mrs. Godless Cranium trying on a hat in Sparta

Mrs. Godless Cranium trying on a hat in Sparta. Note the creepy dolls in the background *shiver*

Once we were done in town, Mrs. Godless Cranium decided that we weren’t done yet.

I sighed, pasted a smile on my face and allowed her to drag me off to the local vineyard.

I wish I had tales of wine tasting gone wrong, but I don’t. We walked around the estate and like Sparta itself, the vineyard was beautiful. Let me show you what I mean.

Some sort of cool fountain-thing

Some sort of cool fountain-thing


Grapes! I see grapes!

Grapes! I see grapes!


Close up of ripening grapes

Close up of ripening grapes


Once my wife was satisfied, we went home. I was greeted by my baby puppy, Dexter. He smelled Harry Potter on me but after a few moments of indignant sniffing, he decided I was still worth associating with, despite my obvious cheating nature.

Dexter proving once again that no matter how big they get, they're always your baby

Dexter proving once again that no matter how big they get, they’re always your baby


Home sweet home.

The end.



  1. That place looks nice.
    I grow lavender at our spot…or at least I am trying to. I have a shed full of cuttings which once they have rooted – those that do – I plant out . I am trying to grow a hedge to link our property to my daughter’ behind us.
    The dogs believe the lavender looks better flat. As Zeppelin sang…Trampled under foot.

  2. I’m sooo jealous of your visit to a lavender farm! I absolutely LOVE lavender! No… like really… you have no idea how much I love it! ❤
    Haha and those dolls are totally creepy! Dolls freak me out!
    That vineyard is lovely, but why oh why didn't you do any wine tasting?! 😉
    Oh Dexter is such a big, cute, cuddle buddy! Dogs are THE best!

    • We don’t drink that often. My wife was driving and neither of us drive after even a sip of alcohol. I just wasn’t much in the mood to taste. I was in it more for the view. 🙂

      I’m with you on the dolls. You should have seen the pictures in the museum though – they were far, far creepier.

      Dexter was super glad to see us home. He loves to lay on me, like he used to do when he could almost fit in the palm of my hand.

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