200 Followers and My Baby Puppy

Yesterday I was notified by WordPress that 200 people now follow this blog, which is freaking awesome. I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited, commented, read or followed this blog. You people all rock, whether you’ve agreed or disagreed with me personally.

In celebration, I thought we could party it up with my puppy, Dexter, who recently visited doggy daycare and partied it up with the other hounds.


Fine…I’ll share the pool


You’ll never escape my golden-y powah!


This is how you play in the pool


I have the pool to myself.


How dare this pool splash me?


Go ahead and take a picture of my beautiful self



Thanks again everyone!



  1. Congratulations!!!! I enjoy your blog because you have a very calm tone, even when you are carefully splicing, correcting and eviscerating wide-eyed and open-mouthed delusion, and you are great at analyzing the Bizarro-World-of-All-Things-Theist. When it comes to blogging about religious insanity, I could never hold such an even tone. This is where logical fallacies come to die…You are Occam’s Razor! Love it!!!!

  2. Dexter is one happy puppy!
    BTW, concerning “followers” — call me a skeptic, but I wonder if someone “follow” in order to get you to follow their blog or at least visit it. If you look through the list of your follower, you will see suspicious examples. Besides, I think that is just WordPress followers. People could be easily following you on their RSS reader (Feedly, for example). So your follower may be much larger.
    For me, commentors are really valuable — ones I learn from and who enjoy adding to or challenging my thoughts — and who do it with good etiquette.
    Seems like you have lots of good commentors here!

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