My First Oscar Award

My two step-daughters are away for the summer. Last night they called to say hello. I’m not sure what possessed me at that moment, but I decided to pretend I was their mother. I used a really, really bad high pitched voice (it sounded something like a teenage boy being kicked in the Bojangles) that didn’t fool the daughter on the line for even an instant. I did get a confused, ‘who is this?’, before they realized it was me being a knob. I continued the farce for a few minutes and we both had a good laugh.

Later, I received this message via Facebook private message:

Heya, Mike. I really enjoyed your accurate depiction of my mother, and I truly believe you deserve an Oscar for it. Sorry for 12 o’clock Facebook messages.

Along with this picture.

my oscar


Yeah…so my head is on there. I cracked up laughing!

I just thought I’d share.

Off to the quiet corner I go.



    • Naughty Marilyn!

      Tricking kids can be so fun. I remember tricking my son into believing I was batman and that my dad used to be batman and that if he were good, he to could be batman when he got bigger.

      He went to school and told his teacher his dad was a crime fighter named batman.

      The next parent teacher interview was a bit…awkward. Lol

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