Prayer Shows a Lack of Confidence in God

THE_LORD__S_PRAYER_by_navalatanjjnnSupposedly, God is all-powerful, can do anything, His will is always done and He has a master plan.

That’s all fine and good.

So why bother praying or worshiping such a being, even if you do believe it exists?

According to your own belief system, God’s will is always done regardless of whether you pray or not. Your prayers are meaningless because this master plan is going to tick right along regardless of your actions.

Of course, this has all sorts of other implications, such as the thousands of preventable deaths that occur every year, but that’s a whole other post.

  • God doesn’t need you to inform him of what needs to be done
  • No matter what you do, God’s will is done
  • If you’re praying for something to occur, you’re showing a lack of confidence in God’s abilities
  • God’s got it all covered because He knows every outcome and everything is according to His plan anyways

There’s really no need to pray, unless you’re praying for your own gratification. No need to beseech a heavenly father with the powers described above. No need to inundate Facebook and social media with prayer requests because none are needed.

You might as well sit back, relax and enjoy the extra time spent not praying doing something productive, such as spending it with your family or helping to make the world around you a better place.

Let God carry the burden. After all, it has the master plan.

You don’t.



  1. Good point. Of course, those who do pray and do worship will argue that God’s plan includes free will, and thus prayer is appropriate and necessary. Pray for guidance, they’ll say, so that the exercise of free will will be handled appropriately and according to God’s plan. Huh?

    But then God is supposed to be omnipotent and omniscient. That means God is all powerful and all knowing. If that’s the case, he doesn’t need to hear your prayers because he’s all knowing and already knows what it is you’re prayers are all about. And he’s all powerful, so he has the ability to make your prayers come true.

    So you’re right, there’s no need to pray. Only to ask if God is all knowing and all powerful, why don’t all of your prayers come true? Maybe you’re just not important enough. Hey, God is a busy guy. Who the hell are you/

  2. I am not religious, my readers know that of me. I attended the obligatory Sunday school lessons for a while. I sat in religious instruction lessons at school. I was brought up a ‘Methodist’. Now as an adult, I believe there’s an after life, not of gods doing but our own. When I am needing ‘help’ however I do find myself praying and I know not why. I think it’s a case of old habits die hard. Very interesting article GC and one that’s sure to bring comment.

      • A girlfriend of mine, started attending medium classes. I went along with her to see what it was about. Primarily getting in tune with your sixth sense, which we all have.
        After 3 sessions, they asked me to stand in front of the group and say what I hear or see. No one in this group have given any personal information out to any one.
        I said I haven’t got anything. I stood in front of everyone not knowing what to do.
        Do I make it up? Do I pretend? Do I just sit down, I felt rather stupid.
        Then for some reason, which I’m still to figure out, I said I see a lady with short blonde hair and a really colourful dress, blue eyes. We then had to ask if anyone could own this, if they knew of anyone that fit that description. One lady a Dutch woman, raised her hand. I then said I see bay windows, and a manicured tiered garden. She has two children a boy and a girl. She loves colour and has bright floral curtains. I then said the ages of the children and described them. Then I finished. The Dutch woman who is also a physhic said it was her sister who died in holland. The only thing I got wrong were the ages of the kids. I was shaking, I had seen this in my mind. Throughout the sessions to follow, those that were more experienced, would give details of everyone they heard from or visualised to the group, or friends that came to watch. My brother made contact, he died some years ago. Descriptions, events are told of. It freaked me out, so yes, this is why I believe in the after life. They are out their, in whatever form and as crazy as it sounds, they will make contact for those who believe. Sorry it was a long winded reply, but no other way to say it.

  3. Apparently God cannot do anything about certain kinds of demons unless he hears a prayer and sees people go on a diet. Mark 17:21 ” Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

  4. Try this on for size. Gods gain power by feeding off the prayers of believers. When no one prays to a god for a long time, that god weakens and if he/she/it doesn’t die, becomes powerless. And that is why gods need the prayers of humans. Because without us, they are not gods.

          • Godless,

            Here in your own words:

            “So this god asks you to do meaningless activities.”

            I responded by saying love and creation are not meaningless.

            Then you proceed to argue with yourself and lose, again in your own words:

            “Love means just as much to an atheist as a theist.”

            So you originally deemed god’s activities meaningless.

            Then, without batting an eye you, said that those supposedly meaningless activities are just as important to you the atheist as to the theist.

            • 1) We weren’t discussing love and creation. We were talking about prayer to a deity with the attributes described above.
              2) I didn’t argue with myself. Is it even possible to lose an argument against yourself? I was arguing against you trying to change the conversation from prayer to love and creation.
              3) I’m starting to believe you have reading comprehension issues. Nowhere did I discuss gods supposed meaningless activities but the believers meaningless idea to pray to a deity with the attributes described above.

              Thanks again for your comment.

  5. Interesting. How come the bible says to pray continuously? Prayer is more for our benefit than Gods. I have gone through seasons of not really praying and seasons where I have prayed a great deal. All I know is that from personal experience my life has more meaning and purpose when I pray and things happen. I have seen people healed on the spot through prayer and people I know have seen legs grow, tumours disappear etc, baffling Drs. Would they have been healed anyway with no prayer? If so when would that have been? I think the people who were healed were thankful for on the spot prayer and healing. Oh and in regards to the medium thing…interesting how every story I hear the person describes the external appearance and facts only. Demons are very good at impersonating real people of the past. The dark side can seem powerful but they cannot see the internal like God can, so alls they got is lies and deceit. Some power huh

  6. I’ll answer according to my worldview – – the only way I know how. I will start by saying that your objections are reasonable and should get Christians, not just skeptics, thinking.
    I pray because I’m astonished that I have an audience with the creator of everything and I’m humbled by the price at which that audience was bought. I pray because I am both a slave and a friend. I write to, talk with people I love. If I’m a friend of God, then talking to him in prayer seems more natural than not.
    My perspective as a believer.

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