My First WordPress Guest Post

A few days ago I was asked to type up a guest blog post by another writer on WordPress. I’ve since done just that and you can find it by clicking the link: The Power of Doing

Click it!

Click it!

You know you want to. Besides, it’s got a different serial-killer-looking-mug-shot than the one on my ‘About’ page to go along with it. Who doesn’t want to see a horrible picture of a guy who looks like he’s hiding an ax behind his back?

I’ve never written a guest post for another WordPress blog before. Cristina (the owner of the blog) was extremely nice, and I’d like to thank her for allowing me the opportunity to rent her blog for a short post.

So please head on over and say ‘hi’.



  1. Around where I live there’s always the same homeless young man sitting outside a mall with his old dog. And you know what, after reading your post I decided to buy both the man and dog some food to eat. Thanks for the read 🙂

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