The Fundamentally Dangerous Atheist



I made a comment on a blog a few days ago, correcting a Christian’s assertion that atheism has fundamentals as well as this little tidbit:

In it I argue that our fundamentalist atheists are so blind and irrational in their hatred of Christianity that they are prepared to get rid of the best bulwark against militant Islam, in order to get rid of us.  It is a foolish and short sighted approach.  Who in their right mind could think that the answer to Islamic fundamentalism is to get rid of C of E schools?!

Another blogger asked me a question, which I think deserves an answer. It also provides me with another opportunity to refute some fairly common atheist myths. If you’d like to read the original article and comment, please follow the link:

Here is the first part of the question:

GC – it is your claim that there are no fundamentals of atheism. Explain what a belief in the non-existance of th monotheistic Abrahamic God is if that is not a fundamental.

It is not a belief in the non-existence of your God. It’s a lack of belief.

Religious people have made a claim that such an entity exists and I don’t believe you. It’s the same process you and other religious people probably went through when presented with other god ideas, such as Vishnu, Odin etc. It’s the same process you’d employ if I told you invisible gnomes exist – you’d ask for evidence. If I said you had to take it on faith, you’d probably laugh in my face.

In order to have a fundamental belief, you must have fundamental beliefs to get back to. There is no belief structure associated with atheism, just like there is no belief structure associated to your (probable) lack of belief in Zeus. A lack of belief does not constitute a belief.

You made the claim that Christianity and Islam are full of dangerous ideas. What evidence can you provide for this and what can you say to be convincing that atheism is not “dangerous”.

I’m starting to wonder if this person has read the bible or Qur’an. I think the idea that homosexuals are abominations is a dangerous idea, and we’ve seen it play out in both Islam and Christianity.

For example, fundamentalists Christians in both Russia and Uganda are imprisoning and hunting down homosexuals. In Uganda, they wanted to pass a ‘kill the gay‘ bill. Reports have trickled out that American evangelicals are at least partially responsible for the surge in hatred towards homosexuals.

In Islamic countries, homosexuals don’t fair well at all:

Yemen: According to 1994 penal code, married men can be sentenced to death by stoning for homosexual intercourse. Unmarried men face whipping or one year in prison. Women face up to seven years in prison.

This is just one area where ancient prejudices have been passed down via these ‘holy books’. When taken literally, both the bible and The Qur’an contain violent, prejudicial, barbaric advice that I think is extremely harmful.

If that isn’t enough, I’ll name a few more off the top of my head:

  • The eternal torture chamber called hell
  • That genocide is acceptable in some cases
  • That stoning is an acceptable punishment
  • That women should be draped head to foot in a bag so that they don’t entice men to rape them
  • That we should love an invisible, primitive carpenter in the sky more than we love the actual people in our lives, including our children
  • That a human blood sacrifice is all that’s needed for forgiveness

As far as atheism being dangerous goes, what sort of evidence do you want? Would the fact that atheists are underrepresented in prisons help? Or how about the fact that some of the least religious countries have some of the happiest citizens and some of the lowest crime rates?

That doesn’t necessarily mean there is a correlation between religiosity and crime, but it does show that you don’t have to be religious to live happily and crime free. At the very least, it shows atheism is no more dangerous than religiosity.

If all we are are just blobs of carbon, that is a dangerous belief to have.

Isn’t it the Christian view that we’re blobs of dirt and a rib?

With a little magic involved, of course…

You’re misrepresenting atheism.

For example, I can be an atheist and believe in a soul. I could believe in ghosts or reincarnation. Atheism is a lack of belief in a deity. Nothing more and nothing less.

And if it’s a dangerous belief to have, please provide evidence this is so. Also, I’m not going to be supporting one idea (Christianity) that I think isn’t true, just to combat another idea (Islam) that I think isn’t true.



  1. I think anything has the potential to be dangerous whether it is religion, atheism, or anything else that involves human beings. And atheism definitely is not a religion, but I have heard other atheists as well refer to it as such, im with you on that one though.

      • Well, it’s mostly just a story about my vacation, with only a small part near the end about the ghost experience I had. If you click the link within my post for the Kewanee Inn (now The Karsten Hotel) it will bring you to their website and tell you more about the history and story behind the alleged haunted hotel. Here I’ll just link it… 😀
        I love a good ghost story myself, but only to a certain extent because of the few unsettling paranormal type of experiences I’ve had in my life that I’d rather have done without. My daughter has done a bit of ghost hunting, but nothing ever happens when she does. And she was really disappointed that she didn’t experience anything the time I did on our vacation. I have to admit, I’m glad she didn’t. I know what you mean about the interesting histories though, I find all of that fascinating.

  2. god, I love christians that are unnaturally and irrationally compelled to prattle on.

    what can you say to be convincing that atheism is not “dangerous”

    Foreskin. Foreskin. Foreskin. Foreskin. Foreskin.

    Atheists have no book of absolute truth written by the one true atheist that repeatedly demands, or conveys a demand, for foreskin.

    Atheists have no creed requiring, or telling of, the many, many, many takings of foreskin.

    Oh, were there a one true atheist, you can be sure there would also existno commands for the collection of other body parts.

    Oh yeah, atheists also have no one true thing that requires, commands, accepts, tolerates, enjoys, or needs to kill or have killed, boil, or eat babies.

    Babies. god, you fucks want to play games in formal logic over the existence of the supernatural, all the while professing to worship this psycho beast that requires the murder of children.


    And apologies for the rant.

  3. Wow, man. A few facts for the day in this one. Looking at the link of the least religious, but happiest countries, have you ever visited any of the following countries for yourself?

    Nice article.


  4. Interesting response to the question of whether or not you have a fundamental belief by not believing in a god. I was going to cry out FALSE FALSE but then you brought up that it is possible to believe in souls. That is the crux of how theists and atheists can agree on something. To someone who believes in garden gnomes, the gnomes are his god. For the person who believes in souls, those are his gods.
    I consider myself an atheist but I believe that by saying that there exists no underlying “supernatural” forces is a far greater fundamental belief than any of the religious believers.
    When someone claims that there is nothing out there (or in here), I immediately think “FALSE,” because it is impossible to know. Even scientists who are investigating true “scientific” facts do not know everything yet, so it would be impossible to claim that there is no god (in any form, e.g. gnomes).

  5. I most often believe that just letting others believe or not believe whatever they want is the best policy. No need to beat them over the head with a bible, Qur’an or a Police Call Box. Live and let live, love and let love, don’t try to rent space in someone else’s head.

    It took me a long time to figure out that it’s not worth it to try to change someone else’s mind, unless it’s my kid and they have a fork and are headed toward an electrical outlet.

  6. Ok, I don’t mind discussing as long as it doesn’t rise to the point of trying to ram an idea into someone’s brain. That’s what I meant. My husband and I have different viewpoints on religion and all sorts of things. We discuss, but stop short of throwing things at each other 😉

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