Writing an Angry Blog Post To Show Atheists Are All Angry Bullies


In my travels through the blog-o-sphere, I ran across an interesting article. You can find it by following this link.

Basically, the author uses a little over 800 words to harpoon atheists as a group. Predictably, the owner of the blog has disabled comments so people can’t even respond to his posts. This seems to be a trend lately, and one I find distasteful. Of course, in their ‘About’ page, they rationalize their disabling of comments away as being something heroic. I find it cowardly.

But anyways, let’s get down to the meat of the authors argument. He says:

The majority of problems I’ve faced with when it came to antagonistic people tended to be with non-believers.  This is not because of the varying belief systems, but merely their perception is that this is a dog eat dog world.

I guess if that’s all you’ve experienced, it must be true. There aren’t loads of atheists out there who don’t care about religion enough to comment or talk about it. All atheists believe in a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

Sorry, but your subjective experiences don’t mean squat when it comes to the larger context. Your post tries to lambaste an entire segment of the population, based on your small sample of experiences.

I could do the same. I’ve been called the ‘anti-Christ’, a ‘fool’ (using scripture), an immoral person etc, all because I don’t believe in a specific deity or God(s). Does that mean all Christians are angry bullies?

A quick example of scripture used to call me a fool

A quick example of scripture used to call me a fool

Of course not. There are plenty of pleasant, even-tempered Christians out there.

He goes on:

Another atheist said about spiritual religious believers that it will be like clubbing a baby seal to prove that there is nothing else out there.  Not only will this put the animal rights groups in an uproar, but it further cements the violent tendencies that come out of an Atheist.

So atheists have violent tendencies? Really? The non-belief in a deity automatically comes with the tendency to be violent?

If this were so, you’d think that atheists would be running the prison system.

However, statistics show that atheists actually make up less than 1% (0.07%) of the prison population. The rest of them are affiliated with one religion or another. A fairly hefty percentage of them identify as Christians of one variety or another.

You can easily locate the tirade of Pro-Atheist blogs which can be equated to those in the Taliban.

I guess I’m no better than the Taliban, even though I don’t use violence. I use words. I attempt to use reason. But I guess blogging and being visible is enough to make me Taliban-ish.

The face of an atheist terrorist?

The face of an atheist terrorist?

Atheism is so that you can act as monstrous as you like without consequence.

Huh. I didn’t know that.

I’m pretty sure that if I acted ‘monstrous’ to my wife, there would be consequences. Just because I don’t believe in an eternal overlord in the sky who is going to punish me for eternity, doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for my actions.

In fact, many religious people believe that if you repent, you go to heaven. While if you don’t believe, you go straight to hell, even if you were a nice person during your lifetime.

The consequence being that as long as Hitler repented before blowing his brains out, he’s up there in heaven. While atheist Joe Blow who was a kind, loving husband and parent, is on the fast-track to hell.

Talk about no consequences!

What’s the deal with trying to debate them so that you can prove your right?  Prove what exactly?  According to Atheists, they don’t believe in anything.  Atheists are no different than fundamental extremist Christians.

Yup, just like any other idea, we try to discuss the merits of religious ideas. I know. Crazy, right?

And of course, we do believe in things. Just because we don’t believe in your version of God, doesn’t mean we don’t believe in anything.

For example, do you believe in Odin or flying invisible monkey-men?

Probably not. But does that mean you don’t believe in anything?

Of course not.


Atheists tend to question everything with a bullying mentality and with anger instead of attempting to connect with the other side.  They’re so blocked it’s quite sad.

Quite an ironic statement, considering the angry tone of your post and your willingness to block any disagreement by disabling comments.

I do try to question everything, including my atheism. I don’t think I do so with a bullying mentality. I’m starting to think any form of disagreement is enough for the original author to believe they’re being bullied.

If an atheist is hanging out with someone who is connected to the other side, it is doubtful they can be friends.

There would be very few people I could be friends with then, considering something like 80% of people identify with a religion. It’s not doubtful at all. I’m friends with a good many Christians. I also have family members who I love dearly who are religious.

The internet has gave a platform to all of these human souls who don’t deserve a voice.

Everyone deserves a voice. You just sound angry that not all the voices agree with your own.

Too bad. Get used to it. It’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Agnostic’s are way cooler than Atheists, because they’re open minded.  They don’t necessarily believe there is a higher power, but they’re not ruling it out either.  This isn’t as rigid as being a pointless Atheist who believes in nothing and won’t hear anything about anything that is outside of their body.  What is your point for being here then exactly?

I’m now an agnostic, since that makes me ‘way cooler’.

Oh wait, I always was. I’m just an agnostic-atheist. I don’t rule out a God. I’ve just yet to see any convincing evidence that such a God exists, especially if you’re referring to a specific deity as opposed to the deistic or pantheistic version of deities.

My point for being here is probably pretty much the same as your own, minus the supernatural, eternal reward system some religions try to sell. Belief in a deity isn’t needed for meaning. I’m perfectly capable of finding meaning without supernatural deities, thank you very much.




  1. Excellent post. Some of us are more outspoken and assertive because we live in areas where there’s Christian privilege. This does not mean that we are “bullies”, we are just not doormats and we don’t coddle wild claims. I am also an agnostic atheist and whenever Christians say “God”, I always want them to elaborate that it’s a Trinitarian-incarnational-atoning-resurrecting-ascending-soon-to-be-returning-God because highlighting the line of descriptors is important. Some get offended and feel that I’m bullying them when I demand definitions and not word games or fuzzy metaphors. I think the anger at many of us is that we are forcing them to explain, defend, and articulate positions that have always been allowed to float without challenge because, “those are my beliefs…respect them”. It really isn’t about Christian/atheist. This is second in line to being a clear, objective, careful and diligent thinker. Achieving intellectual freedom and and rationality has to be a higher priority to your mental life than adherence to an ideology. If this discipline, vigilance and habituation are considered “bullying”, then so be it.

    • I agree. Just like some Christians are more outspoken than others. Some Christians wouldn’t dream of yelling and street preaching out in the middle of the road. Others don’t mind.

      I also think that by labeling atheists as ‘angry’ you’re automatically dismissing whether or not they have a legitimate reason to be angry. Just because someone is angry, doesn’t mean they’re wrong or don’t have a real reason to be angry. Their arguments should still be judged by its merits, not their level of anger.

      Besides, it takes different methods to reach different people. Some people aren’t convinced by one approach but might be shocked into examining their beliefs when confronted by another approach.

  2. So sad, that person obviously has some major issues with atheists. Why is there this ‘it’s all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to belief systems? NONE of us have all the answers. Why the need to prove ones side? We all just keep hurting each other, and judging each other, and for what? I saw a quote once that said something like “Chose being kind over being right, and you’ll be right every time.” Sounds like a good idea to me! 😀

  3. Excellent post. Had me captivated at your mention of blocking comments and I was entirely at your command by the time you made note that, despite not believing in an overlord, you still had consequences for your actions. You write some really good arguments. Very thought provoking. Great job.

  4. Well said. I want to interject that I perceive a lot of what you quoted and much of what I see elsewhere as what I can best describe as intellectual laziness. That’s not a reference to quantity or quality of intellect. I believe far too many are too lazy to actually examine issues; explore beliefs, or their absence; genuinely consider another’s feelings and why they came to them. And as you can see, I have a gift for the bleeding obvious and idealism.
    Oh, god says Hey y’all!

    • Thanks so much, HH, for taking the time to comment and read my work.

      I agree with you. I think some people just don’t like to be challenged or have their views critiqued. They’d rather live in an echo-chamber. That’s why blasphemy laws are so appealing to so many people. In the silence that supposedly (forcefully) follows, they can pretend they’re always right.

  5. Fantastic entry! Way to take on this blowhard. There was a science study I read about that linked “Hearing that someone disagreed with you and having a huge anger response” to “knowing that your belief actually had no base.” For me, that was a fascinating correlation, and while it gives me a useful metric for whether I’m being logical or not, it’s also a good lens for seeing why other people are spontaneously so furious at hearing any opposition. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Keep it up, you’re always fun to read!

  6. ” Before I was open to those who didn’t believe in anything, but after many run-ins with Atheist Extremists and hearing others stories, it’s now become quite clear.”
    I wonder if that’s a sincere sentiment. If it is I’m sorry he has had that experience.
    Sadly, I can see where it comes from.
    A lot of atheist groups advocate themselves by ridiculing religion. I see where the sentiment comes from, so many of us grow up in areas where the majority are religious that when we come across those who feel the way we do we want to scream and shout it at the top of our lungs, and maybe we should, but we have to be tactful in what we’re shouting.
    Aggression is going to be met with aggression. It’s only natural that the religious will view us as “bullies” if we constantly belittle anyone who believes that stuff.
    Though our natural inclination to these accusations might be to get angry and offended, we should take a moment to think and reflect on how our actions may result in these reactions.
    That agnostic comment- reminds me of my teenage years.
    Good post.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, T.S.

      “but we have to be tactful in what we’re shouting.”

      I prefer tact but I recognize that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I was reading a book review about atheists who lost their faith. The one theme that was preeminent throughout the book was that many of the devout people in the book started researching because they grew angry and wanted to defend their faith. The problem was, that once they started to actually research their religion, they realized that it probably wasn’t true.

      Some people respond to ridicule and aggressive tactics. Some people respond to reasoned arguments and some a mixture of the two.

      “It’s only natural that the religious will view us as “bullies” if we constantly belittle anyone who believes that stuff.”

      Honestly, I think it’s already bad and it would be difficult to get worse. In Saudi Arabia, where atheism isn’t very common, they have labeled us terrorists. Blasphemy laws exist. People in America (in poll after poll) show their prejudice against atheists. They are literally the most hated minority group.

      I don’t think being silent and deferring to religious belief is working or has worked well in the past.

      Just my two cents, although I do understand where you’re coming from. I just think different people respond to and communicate in different ways. There’s not a one size fits all approach.

      Thanks again for your comment. It’s much appreciated.

      • Whoa whoa whoa, I would never say we should stay silent, haha.
        What I’m saying is I’m tired of seeing atheists constantly ridiculing religious, which, to me, makes them no better than the people who persecute them.
        But you’re right. Different tactics work on different people. Though I personally don’t believe anyone who is swayed by being ridiculed is truly thinking things through.

        • “Though I personally don’t believe anyone who is swayed by being ridiculed is truly thinking things through.”

          I don’t think the ridicule itself is the thing that convinces them. I think it motivates them to prove someone wrong.

          “What I’m saying is I’m tired of seeing atheists constantly ridiculing religious, which, to me, makes them no better than the people who persecute them.”

          I understand. I also think that some people view pretty much any disagreement as ‘ridicule’.

          Not you specifically, but overall.

  7. “Be civil and treat others with respect. Comments have officially been removed because devil vermin otherwise known as those that spew hate over anyone like them like to be the ones commenting. Those people have nothing to do all day. No goals. No life prospects. They contribute to humanity in no way. Think of it as mosquitos buzzing around a tasty human, wanting to take a little drink of the yummy blood. Think of it as dark bugs drawn to a blazing flame. You are dinner, and those nasty dark beings want to get in and drain your delicious positive white light energy from you.”


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