Ode to Spam Filter

Beware evil doers!

Beware evil doers!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my hero, Lady Spam Filter. Without her, evil spam bots would have breached the gates a long time ago. Right now there is a total of 18 spam filled, useless, annoying comments being diligently guarded by the Spam Filter of my dreams.

Sometimes I worry that she will get a little lax and force me to manually delete a comment, but so far she’s been picture perfect when carrying out her duties.

She rocks my blog world.

Like a modern day knight, she sits atop her golden server and challenges any evil Spam Monster to a duel to obscurity.

She is unafraid; undaunted by threats; unequaled in her wisdom, as she weeds through the comment section, leaving the good ones and destroying the rest.

So if you’re feeling the urge to assail the great castle, Godless Cranium, be warned that this site is protected by Lady Spam Filter.

You are wasting your time here. Don’t become another bloated corpse in the Spam Filter holding cage of obscurity.



  1. It does work both ways. If I hadn’t checked my yahoo spam filter I probably would have never heard from Trixie. She and her sexy friends just purchased a new webcam and really wanted to chat. She even let me know she was only 3.7 miles from my current location. My spam filter almost turned it into a missed connection.

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