If You Have To Say…

I was scanning through my reader, and decided to comment on a blog. The comment resulted in an unsatisfying, frustrating conversation. The most frustrating part was how the blogger kept saying things like, ‘I hope this isn’t rude’ or ‘Is this rude?’

Here’s a small sample of things people say that should tip them off that they’re about to stick their foot firmly into their mouth and wiggle their toes around in there for good measure.

I’m not racist but…

This statement usually leads to a racist statement of some type. It wouldn’t be necessary to inform people you’re not racist if you stayed away from making racist comments.

I hope I’m not being rude

Yep, you’re probably about to make a rude comment. You even know that the next words out of your mouth are going to be rude, so you try to deflect from that fact by saying you ‘hope you’re not being rude’.

Hoping is a lost cause when you have control over your own rudeness.

I’m not stuck up but…

Sure you’re not.

Of course, your actions are most likely going to contradict what you just said, but at least you believe you’re not stuck up.

Again, it wouldn’t be necessary to inform people you’re not stuck up if it was abvious to everyone by your actions that you weren’t.

Just stop it already

The next time you find yourself wanting to make these types of qualifying comments before a statement, just stop yourself and examine what you’re about to say next. In many cases, your actions are about to make you look like the thing you just finished saying you weren’t.




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