Atheist Talks About The Intolerance He Encountered Trying To Form a Secular Group In High School

This video is a real eye-opener.

Jordan Balderas tried and eventually succeeded in forming a secular group in his high school, but before he was allowed to form this group, he faced discrimination from school officials, teachers and fellow students. He says he had to petition 13 teachers, fill out several permission forms (both online and off) that were ignored, call school administrators every day for weeks, and endure his flyers being torn down by fellow students.

He was even asked to remove the word “atheist” from his flyers because it was deemed too controversial and might upset people. He complied with their wishes, and his flyers were torn down anyways.

After watching the video, I couldn’t help thinking that we should be supporting smart, articulate students like Jordan Balderas rather than holding them back. His group welcomed religious and non-religious students. They were doing nothing more than sharing their ideas with one another, and yet he had to endure discrimination based on his lack of religious affiliation or belief.

I wonder how many more secular groups never get off the ground because they give up or are harassed into silence. I don’t think I would have had the courage or motivation to go through what Jordan did when I was in high school.

Yet all these students want is to be treated the same as their religious brethren.

They deserve that.



  1. I’m dealing with a friend who came out as an atheist in the student newspaper when it ran an article on “faith” and he was interviewed. My friend is a high school teacher in a small Texas town and had great evaluations for years. All of a sudden, the school board wants him out and his principal even did an illegal evaluation on him. We are fighting this to the end through the union but it just goes to show the type of Christian bigotry that atheists still face. After dealing with this incorrigible, faith-based, bigotry, I bust a gut laughing when Christians claim that their god infuses them with superior moral standards even when presented with a compendium of religious wickedness. I’m not a Kumbaya atheist, I’m the “other” kind of atheist with enough tongue for ten rows of teeth…Bigotry is the nasty side of wide-eyed Christian privilege and when you are in the middle of fighting Christoholics over employment, diversity and inclusion, you understand just how vicious they can be because Jesus.

    • That’s insane. Good for him to fight back against bigotry.

      But it’s the Christian being persecuted. I read a post the other day where the guy was saying Christians in America had less rights than atheists and Muslims and that atheists were forcing them to remove crosses from their churches because it offends them.

      I asked for evidence and was met with silence.

      I wonder if these people actually believe the nonsense they spew or whether they live under a rock.

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