3 Things That Will Drive Me Away From Your Blog

wordpress-265132_640I love reading blogs. I enjoy the interaction, but must most of all I enjoy reading thoughts and opinions that I don’t normally come across in day-today-life. I get excited when I find what I consider to be a hidden gem of a blog that blows me away in some way – whether it’s through interesting content, insight or the amazing comments it receives.

Yes…I read a lot of the comments.

I just started here at WordPress, so I’m no expert on blogging or anything.

However, as a reader, I’d like to share the sorts of things that drive me away from a blog.

Comment Nazi

I don’t mind if comments are being screened, but I usually leave immediately (probably never to return) if I notice comments have been disabled or if the post says something like: ‘if you say *insert topic or opinion here*, your comment will not be published’, I leave. I consider it a red flag that this blogger has no interest in dissenting opinion or honest discussion. They’re more interested in an echo-chamber, where they’re always right and everyone else is wrong.

One Large Block of Text

When I see an entire page of text with no breaks or paragraphs, my brain starts to leak out my ears. I run. I run fast. I run while holding one hand cupped to my ear. I can’t waste the little brain matter I have.

Whining About Views

If your post consists of whining about how many views or comments you get, it tends to drive me away. I prefer if you write something interesting to remedy that situation. I know it can be frustrating to write and think no one is listening, but you have a far better chance of getting clicks if you write something people want to read. It might not happen right away, but…positive attitude and all that.

Keep your chin up.

You get the idea.

So for what it’s worth, there you have the three things that will drive me away from your blog.



  1. Another post about me? Haha I am not very good with knowing where to insert commas and such, but I do try. And the only time I will not publish a comment is if they are cussing a lot, like gd this and f that. My children read my blog at times and so does my Christian mother in law so I dont like a lot of vulgar language.

  2. I second your Three Things and suggest a fourth, that if a post is in excess of a thousand words I generally won’t even read it, because it is either filled with a lot of fluff, or even if it’s tight, there are too many points to address. Brevity is the soul of wit.

  3. Hey … good one! I second them all. I have come across blogs, where a whole page is dedicated to ‘rules’ about how to comment on their sites.
    Large blocks of text make me lose focus. It can be tiresome enough to read off a screen…

  4. Well hello there! You recently visited my blog and commented on my post on relativism. Thank you for your views. 🙂 Based on this post of yours I’m actually, honoured that my post caught your attention, although it opposes to what you believe in. Regardless of our views, I am no better of a person than you are. You’re human. So am I. So is the pope. Saint or sinner, we’re same. Equal. Have a nice day! 🙂

  5. Blocks of text are the worse. Sometimes, I fear I might be guilty of committing such sin but I generally make an extra effort to paragraph correctly and break up my writing with pictures and sorts. Blocks of text are a huge turn off.

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