BRUTAL Female Genital Mutilation Happening to American Girls

Warning: This video is very hard to watch. There are some graphic images.

The video is about young American girls who are taken overseas to have their genitals removed. The hosts have an interesting discussion about male and female circumcision, and the possible psychological ramifications that both might hold.

I think Ana Kasparian and Desi Doyen make a good point by saying female genital mutilation and male circumcision can’t be compared – the ramifications are vastly different and far more painful and damaging to females who undergo the procedure.

Personally, I’d have to agree with them. Circumcised males can still enjoy sex. FGM is meant to destroy the ability of women to enjoy sex and essentially punish them for being born a female. It’s an abhorrent practice that needs to stop worldwide.

However, Jimmy Dore also makes a great point by saying there is no valid medical reason for either males or females to undergo these procedures, and by circumcising a small child, we are taking the choice away from them. He also points out how these practices are cultural in some cases, but religious in others. In many, many cases, both culture and religion are used to violate and mutilate male and female children.




  1. It really pisses me off when people defend violence as a cultural or religious right. I guarantee you that there are people within these cultures who are trying to oppose mutilation and need allies from the outside in order to fight against these practices. Circumcision may not be comparable, but no elective surgery is risk free.

    • Yes, I agree. I think we are very much caught up in our own North American societies and pay too little attention to what happens outside our borders unless it directly impacts on our interests. I think things like genital mutilation and women being forced to wear bags should be in our interest to oppose.

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