Would A Christian Save The Life Of Jesus?

The Passion of The ChristThere are lots of articles and videos examining whether or not Christianity (or the bible) are moral.

However, I watched one yesterday that made me wonder whether or not, if given the opportunity, a Christian would save the life of Jesus. In the video, the Christian shoots Jesus, rather than let him escape his public execution.

After all, such public pain and humiliation is part of the supposed price Jesus had to pay on behalf of all of us sinners, so that God could forgive our sins. Without Jesus’ sacrifice, Christianity would be null and void.

Personally, I find accepting a blood sacrifice  so I can escape accountability pretty abhorrent on a moral level. I also wonder how Christians routinely accept such a reprehensible position, when an all-powerful God could surely forgive sin without killing himself or his son, depending on how you view the situation – even temporarily. I mean, this deity/man would have known he’d rise again in three days, making his sacrifice nearly meaningless, in my opinion.

But let’s pretend for a minute that you’re a Christian and believe Jesus’ blood sacrifice is necessary to achieve salvation and eternal life. Hypothetically, we whisk you to the time period and site of Jesus’ execution and provide you the means to prevent the killing of Jesus.

Would you? Or would you walk away and allow it to happen?

The way I see it is, I didn’t ask for a human sacrifice. I’d rather take responsibility for my own wrong-doing, and apologize to the real people I’ve wronged. I find it ironic that the religion which often claims the moral high ground, uses a torture device as its symbol and teaches people that a human sacrifice is a moral way of achieving forgiveness.

If Jesus were alive, I’d want him to live a long, fulfilling life. I wouldn’t want him harmed on my behalf. I would find a being that would demand such a thing repellent, especially if it then demanded I worship it. I would question a being that is supposedly all-powerful (who can do anything) but doesn’t seem to have the power to forgive without a human sacrifice.

Hell, even humans are capable of forgiveness.

If I were a Christian, I would absolutely save Jesus’ life. I guess God would have to find another way to forgive sin.



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  1. There’s long been a contradiction at the heart of anti-semitism that few people have really looked at. Christians justified persecuting Jews because they were “Christ killers”. Okay, even if you could pin that on a whole ethnic group, isn’t that why Christ came to Earth, so he could die and make atonement for sin? And they point out that the Sanhedrin said, “His blood be upon us, and our children!” Okay, but doesn’t that get all of them off the hook for sin?

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