Woman To Be Caned For Being Raped By 8 Men

Islam is sometimes described as the ‘Religion of Peace’ or ‘the perfect religion’, but news stories like this one highlight the harm it can do.

From the videos description:

“A woman in Indonesia could face a public caning of nine lashes after she was accused of having an affair with a married man, gang-raped by eight men, and turned over to Islamic police last week in the conservative Aceh province in the western part of the country.

The 25-year-old widow reported that she was attacked by a group of men who allegedly found her with the married man at her home early on May 1. The men apparently then gang-raped her, beat the 40-year-old man, and dumped sewage on both of them. Afterwards she was taken to Aceh’s Islamic authorities — not to report the incident, but to be charged for violating local religious law.”

We have to start facing facts as a species – these religions are barbaric, violent, full of superstition and can be extremely harmful if one takes them literally. We need to start taking a hard look at what these religions teach. Stories like this one are disgusting examples of what these religions actually contribute too, and these poisonous ideas have been left unchallenged for too long.

It’s time we stopped protecting these inhumane ideas from criticism.

Watch the video and see for yourself.




  1. I was only reading about how rapists have custody rights in most of America. I’m pretty sure they don’t in England, but I don’t know how it is here in Ireland. This article is a good reminder of why we can’t give an inch. Because in the right environment there are people who actually think this makes sense.

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