The Big Blog Move!

I decided to do it. I was tired of posting blog posts in the blogger platform and decided to head over to WordPress.

  • No more quoting portions of text I don’t want quoted.
  • No more messing around with images.
  • No more spotty way to follow other blogs I enjoy reading.
  • No more trying to find blogs I enjoy reading that aren’t horribly out of date.

Of course, I will miss the old blog for a number of reasons. I built up a fairly nice readership and had a few blog relationships that I hope will carry over to this one. I’ll definitely be searching out those blog contacts and trying to reestablish a connection.

However, I think this is for the best. I find WordPress infinitely easier to use than the blogger platform. I also like their clean themes and easy search methods.

So if you’ve found this blog and want an idea of what it will contain, I hope you’ll skip over to my other blog (follow the link) and have a read. I’ll also be expanding the content of this blog quite a bit, since I would like to start writing about other things, such as politics, weird superstitions and other topics that catch my fancy.

So whether you’re religious, non-religious, atheist or anything in between, I hope you find this blog interesting. As always, I welcome comments, especially comments that make me pause for thought.



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