Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe?

A great video that asks religious people some soul searching questions in a respectable way. I can’t recommend this video enough. It’s a must-see.



  1. Most of the images in the video were taken from the movie ‘Baraka’, one of my favorites. As I watched this video, I saw the movie in a different light and kept wondering what it would have been without religious beliefs. I am curious if you have seen this movie, and what you come up with.

    • Hi Chris and thanks for stopping by.

      I have seen the film but it was a while ago and it’s not fresh in my mind. It’s one of those films I wished had a narrator, because it seemed to me that the central message of the film was that nature and religion were good, while science, technology and modern civilization were bad. I would have liked to hear their reasoning for such a stance, but as it stands, you’re left to come away with guessing what the film was actually about, and as a consequence, it can never be held accountable for that message.

      There’s no question that many of the shots are beautiful.

      However, they show some of the beauty of religion (the different rituals, buildings etc) but never the harsh realities of religious faith, such as honor killings and religious wars etc.

      I think the film really misses the point and the makers didn’t want to take responsibility for their message by making it clear what they were trying to say.

      Worth seeing?

      Yeah, probably.

      Miss the mark?

      I think so.

      Hope that answers your question. Thanks again for leaving a comment.

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