Answering The Criticism of my Blog Post: How Come Atheists Never Sue Muslims?

Reasons why atheism is terrible
I’ve taken some heat in the comment section of my last post. Instead of trying to answer each one individually in bite-sized comments, I felt I could better address the comments in a separate post.

Blazing Catfur had this to say:

You’re a very poorly read person. Have you not heard of the TDSB’s acquiescence to Sharia law? And it isn’t only them, other school boards in Ontario have also appeased Islam in the same fashion. Google Mosqueteria.

I find it telling that the post starts with an ad-hominem attack.  The comment suggests that if I haven’t read everything, I’m somehow ‘poorly read’.

However, I did take the suggestion seriously and Googled ‘mosqueteria’. I found Blazing Catfur’s blog reporting on it, but very few legitimate news agencies. What I did find were signs of people protesting this religious treatment, which was exactly my original point – if they broke the law more often, people would sue or call out their behavior more often. If Muslim’s broke the law as often as Christians do in North America, you’d see them getting sued more often.

For example, The Blaze wrote:

“To provide more in-depth details, the Toronto District School Board has been under fire for allowing an imam to hold Friday prayer services for Muslim students. These weekly religious meetings occur in Valley Park Middle School’s (again, a public educational facility) cafeteria. Between 300 and 400 of the school’s 1,200 students take part in the weekly meeting.”

The bolded portion illustrates my point – they were under fire. People just didn’t sit around and allow it to happen. The same thing happened here as would happen if a Christian was inflicting their religion on students in a public school.

Right now, Christians have the numbers in North America. For every story you can post about Muslim’s breaking a law in North America, I could post 10 or more of Christians doing the same. There are whole sites dedicated to pointing out religious extremism, and the North American ones are littered with daily stories of Christians trying to impose their faith on other people. You might find a story or two on those sites like this one, but not very many.

Also, it’s telling that the person commenting had to go back to 2011 for a story. I wonder if they’re as outraged by, say, the recent stories of Russia’s treatment of homosexuals or Uganda’s law against the LGBT community that allows the government to throw them in jail for life?

Whether they are as outraged by these behaviors as I am is really besides the point – the fact remains that my original point stands. The reason why atheists don’t sue Muslim’s more often is because they’re not breaking the law as often as Christians in North America. They just don’t have the numbers to do it.

G said:

BCF? Don’t waste time talking to this asshole. He’s made up his mind and nothing is going to sway him, so fuck it.

As far as him being an atheist? Maybe. But really I think he just has a weed up his ass about Christians. 

Oh and really? When some gets called a coward then denies they are a coward. THEN proceeds to give a 600 word explanation on WHY they aren’t a coward……..They’re probably a coward.

That entire comment is an ad-hominem attack.  The person even seems reluctant to believe me when I say I’m an atheist, despite not knowing me at all.

I also think they missed the entire point of the article. I wasn’t called a coward. The piece wasn’t trying to explain why I’m not a coward. It was a piece explaining why Muslim’s don’t get sued in North America as often as Christians. It has nothing to do with cowardice, and everything to do with the volume of offenses against the law.

opinionater said:

Athiests, pick on Christians, for one reason only, they turn the other cheek unlike Muslims who love lawfare and revenge. Thankfully, I have some honest atheist friends in my circle who tell it like it is and are the first to state that Muslims are much more dangerous to society than Christians ever were or could be. Very poor and transparent rationalization on your part.

The first part of the comment was basically a repeat of what Blazing Catfur said. The last part I quoted above.

I’m not sure who these anonymous ‘atheists’ are that said this, but they don’t speak for me. They might believe that, but I don’t.

As far as Muslim’s being more dangerous to society than Christians ever could be, I’d like to point you towards a history book. You can start with things like The Inquisition and The Crusades.

At this juncture, I would agree that worldwide, Islam is more dangerous. Christianity went through the Enlightenment, while Islam has not. But your claim that Christianity couldn’t be as dangerous is flat out wrong. Both are Abrahamic religions. Both are built on ancient dogma and superstition.

G Then said:

Atheists fear muslims so they treat them with far greater deference than they do Christians. If atheists do not like that little fact, tough shit. It IS a fact. 

You’re throwing around the word ‘fact’ but I’m not sure you understand what it means. It’s not a fact. I routinely confront Muslims on their religious dogma and I do it in the same manner I do Christians. Muslims and Christians are still human beings and I treat them as such. It has nothing to do with their religion.

 Del Evans said:

Did you write this while sleeping?

I clicked the link attached to this person’s name, and it took me to their Google+ account, where I was bombarded by hate. If you’re reading this, you can do the same and decide for yourself.

On his account are various videos and comments he’s made on videos, such as:

Palidogs. They are sub human. Treat them accordingly 


 It should be legal to shoot and kill everyone there


They should be terrorized daily until they leave Britain.Death to Islam

Excuse me if I don’t take anything you say seriously. I don’t endorse terrorism or the use of violence.

Last but not least, Anonymous said:

Give the blogger a break. After all our own politicians are to stupid to see what Islam is . Importing half a million people whose only goal is to lie, cheat than kill us if not paid, to let us live another day.The MSM pimps for this cult of human sacrifice. Even pastors or priests are fooled. Islam is less a Religion than a political system of authoritarianism for desert raiders.Using a god to permit there barbarity towards Women, gays, children.Most Atheists would pee there pants in an Islamic Nation. They fear it all right. because there is no love or mercy from Muslims.He probably doesn’t know that prayer in school has been banned but not gays with oral sex posters in a grade 6 class. The many many people now under investigation at the TDSB for sex crimes, including making child porn.The Bible is banned in schools except not the Koran.Our law that derived its moral stand on the ten commandments are being removed from courts. Mean while sharia law is being pushed on us daily by even our own companies. Cambell’s halal soup any one?Because free speech is under attack from Socialists to stop us from learning about how monstrous Islam is world wide to any Religion or individual.
This blogger is a Jonesie. He likes his cool-aide with double the arsenic.With a set of blinders

Not sure if that was an attempt to come to my rescue…but that’s one attempt I could do without.

I also don’t think he read the article he’s commenting on. I’m not sure any of them got past the first paragraph or two before flaming me. I wonder if they read the post two down from the original one, titled:  Does Religion Deserve Respect?

I hope you’ll excuse me if I’m not comforted by the argument that one religions adherents would treat me better than another’s. Both religions have an abysmal record when it comes to how they treat homosexuals, women and/or atheists.

I also mentioned a story in the article where an atheist was severely beaten by Muslims for writing ‘God doesn’t exist’ on the Internet.

None of the laws we have were based on the Ten Commandments, either. If they were, you’d be killing your kids if they talked back to you. Three of the Ten are about worshiping your God. In a secular country, you are not forced to worship a specific deity. The other ones were around before Christianity was.

I will reiterate my original position: I think both religions are harmful. I think they both teach people to act badly, and reinforce that behavior with a God. Muslims don’t get sued in North America as much as Christians, because there are more Christians and therefore, more Christians breaking the law.



  1. “From what I can tell, I have seen little meaningful discussion here.”

    Indeed. Just a circle jerk, as they each clap themselves on the back, while making no point at all besides personal attacks. The one even promotes terrorism, yet none of them bothered to say anything about it.

    Amazing that not one could think for themselves, and tell the others that their name calling isn't winning them any points. The comments so far are disgusting, and on their blog they creepily point out my real name and say things like:

    “When he comes back from walking his microwavable dog and saving the world, he will be delighted by the traffic that BCF has brought him.”

    Completely creepy. I sure was thrilled knowing your creepy asses were calling my dog 'microwaveable' and talking about my real name like creepy stalkers.

    Or this little piece of Christian love that I found on their blog:

    “Well..what do you expect? …he's a DOG person. I wonder what little Dexter was licking, before the cuddle session?”

    Why would you even think that? You think everyone who has a dog or a cat gets them to lick their dick, you pervert.

    Again, do none of you find these comments creepy? Almost 50 comments and not one person thinks to say something – pathetic.

    What a sorry showcase of tribalism. Not one who can think for themselves, without circle jerking.

    Thanks for the comments Jackel. I love the sheer count of fallacies.

  2. When they complain about being made to look bad while at the same time doing just that, you have to beg to wonder if they are really this intellectually inept, narcissistic, or just out to troll. When I see such individuals attempt at the high ground while practicing dogmatic social control games and fallacy arguments, I realize that instant that they know they are in a losing position. Half of them made shit up and tried to pass it off as fact, but don't expect academic citation or any sort of real statistics to support themselves with. Not one of them stopped to think that Atheists are suing Christians simply because here in America it is the Christian radical far right in which are trying to install a Christian totalitarian theocracy ruled through dominion theology. Hence it stands to reason we are going to focus our efforts on the greater threat. Yeah we can already assume the Christians will take the establishment clause violations of the Islamic community for us. However, I would join them in that effort to uphold the establishment clause.

    Another thing I wonder is if these people are a part of the radical Christian movement here in the US, or those not understanding that you are not addressing the moderates. Hence the assumption it's some attack on Christianity vs Christian extremism. Much of that fallacy argument suggesting we Atheists want Christianity to disappear. This is what we can call a knee jerk reaction.. Some fail to realize that some of us also have Christian Parents ect, and we live together just fine even if we disagree on religion, or even the existence of “GOD”.

    I think it's a lot of fear in the reactions, and thus the generalizations, fallacy arguments, stereotyping, personal attacks, and the making up of shit out of thin air to which they provide no academic citation for to which we could take into consideration.

    The one's talking about microwaving your dog are sick.. Animal abuse is usually the sign of people who have serious issues, and those who become serial killers ect. Just talking about your dog like that seemed to be an indirect threat. And you would think that anyone that actually really believed that Jesus existed, and that their GOD existed, wouldn't say any such things. This tells me that they probably don't actually believe in any of it. And you are right Mike, it's creepy and utterly disgusting. My Christian family members would look at that and directly tell me that these people are not “Christians” who follow Christ's law… Something I would suggest they look up.

  3. And even when they did provide a citation, it was to an opinion piece and a hate site. When I gave them the respect (undeserved) to check out their links and arguments, they still kept up the accusations, even when it was pointed out to them.

    “Another thing I wonder is if these people are a part of the radical Christian movement here in the US, or those not understanding that you are not addressing the moderates.”

    What I saw were people who (despite calling me a coward) are scared shitless of Islam and think that because Islam is scarier than Christianity, we should all support Christianity to combat Islam. In other words, add wood to the flame until it burns us.

    The way I see it, both religions teach harmful things. I certainly wouldn't support one set of ideas I don't agree with in order to combat another set of ideas I don't agree with.

  4. Oh dear, I'm now running with a 'hate' group? Why how masterfully you rebut my statement that you favour the use of Leftist talking points/phrases! And all that personal abuse too! What was it you said about such language? Look, I'm feeling very guilty here, like beating up on a kitten. Albeit a kitten that is very dishonest about their deep seated beliefs and what really motivates them. But don't worry, I'm just a hater who is on the wrong side of history. Ah, the language you use to encourage debate! Why such terms abound amongst people who ache for open dialogue and evaluation of ideas. NOT! But, as we have already discovered, you have no trouble whatsoever allying yourself with those who would abrogate individual freedom, for the very obvious reason, that you think identically. Hmmm, has the same allies, uses the same language, but is absolutely about freedom. Yes, and though it waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is in reality a kangaroo!
    The label of hater from the likes of you I wear like a badge of honour.
    Hater signing out and walking away, leaving you to rant about FOX news, dumb Bush, haters, and the wrong side of history. My how the long winter evenings must just fly by at your house!

  5. “Oh dear, I'm now running with a 'hate' group?”

    Yes. Look below and see the comments you made on your site. Then take into consideration someone in that group advicates the use of terrorism while you say nothing and then another member uses links from an actual hate site as evidence.

    You're right…if it quacks like a duck.

    “Look, I'm feeling very guilty here, like beating up on a kitten.”

    Don't feel guilty. If you feel guilty about anything, it should be about condoning such behavior.

    “But, as we have already discovered, you have no trouble whatsoever allying yourself with those who would abrogate individual freedom, for the very obvious reason, that you think identically.”

    Where have you seen this?

    “Hater signing out and walking away”

    Awesome! Go say more despicable things on the other site – things like fucking my dog and microwaving a defenseless animal.

  6. Wow Mike. Looks like you found a crowd of people that have reading comprehension problems. Not to mention anger issues. Shout out to The Jackel. Nice work counting up the crap attempts at arguments.


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