The Passionate Eye: Hunted in Russia

On the weekend I watched a documentary called “Hunted in Russia” that I wish everyone could see, including those who use their religious dogma to discriminate against homosexuals. It’s painful to watch, as homosexuals are hunted through the streets of Russia and openly discriminated against. Many people in Russia use the same ‘reasoning’ as right wing religious groups here in North America, such as homosexuality is linked (or the same as) to pedophilia or it’s against God’s will.

Here’s a descriptor of the documentary from the CBC website:

In 2013, the Russian parliament unanimously passed a loosely worded propaganda law that banned all positive or neutral references to ‘non-traditional’ relationships that anyone under 18 years old could see. The law officially sanctions the idea that homosexuality is wrong and poses a threat to children. It is being interpreted as a call to action by homophobic vigilante groups. 

Many Russians believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and see it as a direct attack on family values. It is often seen as a poison that is corrupting society and weakening Russia. Hunted: Gays in Russia exposes a world of widespread repression and extreme violence: a world of cold fear. It provides a terrifying portrait of gay life in Russia that is in bold contrast to the glitz of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

By following the link above, you can watch this enormously important documentary yourself.

This is why homophobia must be fought. This is why outdated dogma can be so dangerous.



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