Clinical Screenings to Detect Homosexuals

Many Christians have asked me in the past, ‘why does my opinion on homosexuals matter? I’m not hurting anyone’.

Well, here’s a news story just for you.

Gulf states are going to implement screening to detect homosexuals so that they can bar them from entering.

From the news story:

Kuwait and other states could conduct medical tests in an attempt to “detect” homosexuals trying to enter Gulf states, a senior official has announced.

Yousouf Mindkar said routine clinical screenings of expatriates entering Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) such as Kuwait would be introduced under new proposals. Persons who are identified as LGBT through the tests would then be refused entry into the country.

This is where your discriminatory, mythology based thinking leads. But it gets worse.

Those under the age of 21 living in Kuwait found to be taking part in homosexual acts currently face prison sentences of up to ten years. Homosexual acts are banned in all GCC member countries, which include Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

And Kuwait isn’t even close to being the only country with discriminatory practices against the LGBT community.

Homosexuality is illegal in 78 countries across the world and is still punishable by death in five countries, which include Iran and Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

That’s why your beliefs matter. You might not be directly hurting someone with your mythology laden beliefs, but you’re part of the problem – not part of the solution. Your irrational hatred for homosexuals, backed by your religious book of choice, are only adding to the misery of the planet, specifically when it comes to the LGBT community.

Could you imagine if this were happening to any other group of people? I personally don’t give a crap what your ancient book of fairy tales and magic have to say about this – discriminating against a minority is not right. You’re lending to the culture that allows stuff like this news story to happen.

If your God is so powerful and the creator of everything, he can handle business himself. Nobody appointed you the judge or executioner. Hell, if God is so against homosexuals, why  did He create them in the first place? Did He fall asleep on the job? Or was He too busy making donkeys and snakes talk?

Like Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

It’s time to do something. I know there are Christians out there on the side of the LGBT community. I know there are some good-hearted Christians who abhor the amount of discrimination they face. It’s time to get louder. Stop sitting (or clasping) your hands and do something within the church community itself.

The next time you hear someone disparaging or discriminating against people, say something. Speak up and tell them that it’s not okay to do that. Do your part to change the culture that supports this type of needless human suffering.



  1. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the death penalty for homosexuality?

    It makes me sick to think that the US government spends so much money to prop up the dictators there, just so we can continue to get cheap oil.

    As for Christianity, there are some that are speaking out loudly, but I suppose they aren't getting as much press as the homophobes are.

    Are you familiar with the NALT project by blogger John Shore and Dan Savage?

  2. These people are using the religious bias that's already instilled into the culture as a smokescreen to keep out the political dissidents. It is another case of using religion for political purposes. It is not only disgraceful, it is also disgusting.


  3. It's even worse. One of the Gulf states, Abu Dhabi, prohibits visitors from carrying a very long list of medications including those used for epilepsy, depression, anxiety (even non-tranquilisers such as Buspirone),drugs to enhance fertility, hormone replacement therapy for women, antipsychotics, and even immunosuppressants and some cancer meds.

    If you're caught with any of these it's 4 years jail mandatory. You can only get them prescribed by a hospital doctor once you're inside the country.

    So they're not just keeping political dissidents and so-called deviants out, they don't even want people with illnesses.

    It's Orwellian fascism, Islam-style.

  4. That is true. So are atheists. In some atheists can be put to death, while Christians are called 'people of the book' and are discriminated against.

    Christianity also does it's fair share of discriminating against homosexuals. Right wing groups are funding the Ugandan governments initiative to kill gays outright. Our secular governments stop them from doing that here.

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