American Soldier Stands Up For a Muslim Who Was Being Harrassed

This video is simply amazing. From the description from the original video:

“”What Would You Do?” by ABC is a hidden camera series where people are put into ethical dilemmas, given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right. This soldier didn’t hesitate to speak up when a young man started harassing a Muslim cashier, refusing to be served by him because “he’s a Muslim.””

We hear and see so much anti-Muslim rhetoric since 9/11, that it’s nice to see this American soldier stand up for an American Muslims right to believe in his religion. When faced with open-faced bigotry, this guy doesn’t just turn around and leave. He doesn’t join in on the bigot-fest. He actually stands up and does his country proud.

My favorite part is when the actor asks the soldier why he’s standing up for the Muslim, considering he has fought against them. The soldier replies that he isn’t fighting right now, but ordering a sandwich.

Nicely done. I needed a feel-good news story and this was it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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