Hell According to The Catholic Church

I was reading the Friendly Atheist this morning and ran across their post about a TV program that describes (and tries to explain) the idea of hell.

Besides being a sickening display of a cult trying to scare people into believing their nonsense, their description of hell, and the reasoning behind their idea of hell are absurd.

The video claims that hell is literally beneath the Earth, because a bible passage told of someone being swallowed by the earth and taken alive into hell.

Look…Christian fundamentalists – science has already pretty much figured out what our planet is comprised of. It’s not a secret. There is no hideously cruel place called hell down there. If you’d like an idea of what is inside our planet, and how scientists are able to figure it out, you can visit any number of scientific sites to find out.

For example:

Today, by using seismological and magnetic field data as well as other theoretical calculations, it’s possible to get a sense of the actual size and composition of our planet’s nether regions. Because there’s no way to get a sample of the Earth’s core, Miaki Ishii, a professor in Harvard University’s seismology group, says, “We basically use methods that are similar to medical imaging.”

Instead of using CAT-scans and X-rays to see the center of the Earth, researchers use waves emitted by earthquakes to get a sense of the planet’s innards. Just like an X-ray, seismic waves bounce around, changing direction and speed based on the material they pass through. If researchers can gauge how quickly a wave moves from one tracking station to another, they can get a pretty good sense of what the ground that wave is traveling through looks like.

The video gets worse from there. It’s a stomach turning venture into mythological nonsense that is used to scare children and grown adults into believing anything the church has to say, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to anyone with an ounce of critical thinking skills.

Here’s an example of one of the bible verses used in the video.

How loving God is

Imagine the horror of being tortured for all time. The video says that being separated from God is even worse than the spiritual and physical torture you’d have to endure, but I don’t believe Jesus was the son of God, and I feel no spiritual pain over it. Why the hell (pun intended) would you want to spend time with the monster who is unceasingly torturing you and a host of others?

Doesn’t make much sense to me. The video also says that Jesus will hate you, even though Christian dogma usually says that God is all-loving.

But I guess, logic need not apply when it comes to Christian mythology.

Here’s one of the pictures you can find in the video.

We teach our children this is real and justified?

Nice. More fear mongering bull crap.

Of course, some Christians will say that people who ‘reject’ God deserve such punishments, but anyone who isn’t indoctrinated or a psychopath should be able to see through that argument. No one deserves to be tortured for eternity.

Then the video says that Mary visited three young girls in Portugal and showed them the fires of hell. You have to love a God who would decide to mentally torture three little girls with visions of eternal torture.

Makes total sense!

Of course, these little girls not only got to witness humans being eternally tortured in the worst imaginable ways by a loving God, but they also claimed to see demons.

Got to have some demons down there

I think it’s immoral to teach children this nonsense. So many people have been mentally tortured by this garbage and forced to believe something that makes no logical sense. If you watch the video and listen carefully, you can see that they even admit that they have no evidence that hell exists or what hell would really be like. They’re basically guessing and thinking up scary crap so that they can scare others into believing their fantastic claims.

These twisted stories are disgusting.

If you’d like to watch the original video, you can find it below.



  1. You know why they teach this, they rely on the Stockholm syndrome.. Psychologically abuse and brainwash someone, and they often emotionally attach themselves out of fear. Love thy abuser, and that is what religion in this case relies on to retain control of the flock, and have power, wealth, and influence in the world. It's all about power, wealth, and who has control over it and the masses.

    It's also why they target children as targeting an adult for indoctrination is far more difficult.

  2. I agree with both of you. The God of the bible sounds like an abusive partner – “you made me torment you”, while Christians ignore the fact that this God would have made all the rules to which this God is bound to torture you by. It makes no sense. It's obviously man-made and it's used to mentally torture children and adults alike.

  3. I grew up with this stuff. Went to sleep every night with a dayglo image of christ on the cross hanging over my bed. there was an image of jesus on the wall, with his chest opened up, showing us his heart.
    The rosary we used to count our prayers had as its starting point the image of christ on the cross.
    You know, I never thought about it as brainwashing. I never considered it as terrible, except in retrospect. I dont think any catholic did, frankly.

    It was a religion based on the birth and death of one man.

    This was a small poor town, and in the early fifties the nuns arrived, and for 20 years or so transformed us. Really. They were funny, and sweet, and taught us our catechism and got us ready for our first Communion and later Confirmation. We did indeed love these women. They were mostly French Canadians, chosen, no doubt because the town itself was full of French Canadians, and they were more comfortable that way. It was good psychology, to be sure.

    But never in all that time did I hear of anyone saying we were being indoctrinated.

    We did ask Sister Mary Arthur at one point what hell was, and she gave the best, most thoughtful answer anyone ever did. She said it wasnt so much a physical place as it was a state of mind. The knowledge of our loss of Heaven, which was the true torture. It made more sense than anything else I have ever read or heard.

    Having said all that, I still cannot believe in any of it any longer. But I did. and wonder at the mindset of any religion that promotes this. do you know, Dumbo and Bambi upset me more. I had nightmares for weeks after seeing the movies.

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