The Miracle of Bug Poo

Okay…this story is too funny not to mention. Today in the news, there was a story about a group of Christians who believed a tree was weeping Godly tears. It turns out that it wasn’t a miracle after all (shocker!) but was in actuality, just bug poop:

A group of parishioners have taken to praying under a tree located outside a cathedral in California because they believe the plant is weeping God’s tears. An arborist, however, thinks differently.

A group was seen last week gathered outside St. John’s Cathedral in Fresno, Calif. They prayed under a Crape Myrtle tree and asked for miracles, according to NBC’s WPTV. The tree has been spurting a liquid that some believe to be the tears of God. One woman even claimed that when “Glory be to God in Jesus’ name” is said, more of the substance comes out.

But an arborist says the liquid is not “tears” at all, but excrement from aphides, small, soft-bodied insects that suck the juice from plants.

I swear, some people are just so gullible. According to the same article linked above, this isn’t the first time a gullible Christian looking for a miracle has been duped:

This isn’t the first time a “weeping” object has caught attention. Last year, CNN reported on believers who thought water dripping down a statue of Jesus at Our Lady of Velankanni in Mumbai, India, was holy. They collected the liquid and drank it, hoping to receive healing miracles. Sanal Edamaruku, a rationalist and atheist, determined the liquid was actually just sewage water coming from a leaky pipe; he was later charged with blasphemy.

Sounds reasonable. I mean, what else should you do to someone who points out that you’re drinking dirty sewage water instead of divine tears? Of course he belongs in jail. He’s a blasphemer of the third degree! It’s far better to throw the guy in jail, than admit that you’re swilling down sewage.
If there is a God, it is probably weeping…tears of laughter.

You can watch the video by clicking the link above. 




  1. I remember when I was in high school, during summer the trees we'd sit under would get infested with these weird bugs that created a sort of foamy gunk around themselves (we called them “spit beetles”. This would drip on us from time to time. I guess I never realised how blessed I was… 😀

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