When Believers Argue

I have to admit that I’m fascinated when I see two believers of the same faith arguing over their dogma.
Last night, I got to see it again first hand. Two Christians were arguing about what Jesus said, how their faith should be applied and so on. It got to the point where the one started calling the Catholic Church a cult because they worship idols.
I wonder if it ever occurs to them that they’re arguing precisely because the bible is so contradictory. They both can provide scripture to back their claims, but neither seems to realize that the very faith they’re arguing about is so full of holes, logical inconsistencies and contradictions that you can make it say almost anything.
It reminded me of a test I had at school. After the test was completed, the students filed out to get a breath of fresh air and discuss the questions and answers. One student came up to me and asked me how I’d answered one particular question and he didn’t agree with me. We smiled at each other because we like to compete in a friendly way, and when we got back inside, we opened up our text books and looked up the answer.
It was all so easy. The answer was right there in black ink. There was no disputing the correct answer. Neither one of us could turn to a different chapter and quote something that contradicted the correct answer.
That got me to thinking about how the author of my textbook was more clear and concise than supposedly divine scripture writers. That in itself is a clue that the bible is a cobbled together book of different time periods, myths and authors, all with their own set of slightly different religious beliefs and agendas.  
This is why there are hundreds of Christian sects. Many of them don’t really like one another. They all fall under the heading of ‘Christian’ but you can easily find a Catholic that thinks the Mormon sect is a cult or a Baptist that thinks the Catholic Church is a cult of idol worshippers.
Some believers have no problem being inconsistent and hypocritical when it suits them. For example, take this Baptist Pastor in Alabama who put up a sign in front of their church that reads:

“One side of the sign at the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, declares, “George Zimmerman Jury Supported White Racism.” The other proclaims, “Rape A White Woman And You Will Die In Prison,” a reference to the 1983 Baby Doe rape case in Birmingham.

It would seem he thinks the Zimmerman acquittal was based on bigotry and racism.
However, it wasn’t long ago when he put up a sign that said:

“A 2004 sign proclaimed, “AIDS is God’s curse on a homosexual life.”

It would seem he’s against bigotry when it comes to race, but he’s okay denigrating a minority population like homosexuals.
How hypocritical.
But hey, the bible condones such things in one passage and then tells you not to do it in another. For example, you can easily find a passage in Leviticus that you can use to back your bigotry of homosexuals:

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

Or you could use other scriptures that talk about worrying about your own sin, not judging, how to love your enemy etc.
It all depends on how you want to interpret this contradictory book. The main point being, you would think that a divine being could divinely inspire a book that didn’t take such mental gymnastics to navigate through. He must have known how many wars would have been fought, how many people would be burned alive and how many battles would be fought over this archaic, nonsensical book of myths.
If it were really divinely inspired and the word of God, why not make it clear…like my textbook?

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