One Canadian That is Disappointed in Pope John Paul II Day

Of course, by ‘family’ he meant heterosexual couples
It seems a private members bill was passed that would declare April 2nd, Pope John Paul II Day in Canada. The bill has moved on to the senate for final approval.
Here’s why it passed:

Pope John Paul II was pontiff for 27 years, from 1978 until his death on April 2, 2005.

“I would like to make it very clear that this is not a religious bill,” Lizon told the House during an hour of debate June 11. “This is not a bill to aid or promote one religion over another or give a special recognition to one particular Pope.

“As I have already mentioned, this is a bill to recognize Pope John Paul II’s legacy, which goes well beyond his role in the Catholic Church. He stood for religious tolerance and freedom, and he spent a great deal of time encouraging inter-religious dialogue. To me, this represents a big part of what it means to be Canadian.

“Pope John Paul II proved that nothing is impossible. He stood up for populations that were oppressed by totalitarian regimes. He will be remembered for his role in the collapse of several stifling dictatorships, and for the way he inspired peaceful opposition to communism in Poland, leading to its eventual collapse in Central and Eastern Europe.”

It’s true that the Pope stood up against totalitarian regimes. However, he also preached a lot of other things that are very much against the Canadian way of life.
For example, he preached against the use of contraception because of supernatural beliefs, and even against the use of contraception in AIDS torn Africa, which has probably led to thousands of preventable deaths from that insidious disease.
He fought against same-sex marriage, failed to protect children from pedophile priests, tried to restrict abortion and stood against women becoming priests. While he did do some positive things, he also failed on so many levels it isn’t funny.
Furthermore, the Catholic Church is worth billions of dollars. One of their stated goals is to alleviate poverty and suffering, while their priests hypocritically prance around in gold robes. How many people could the church’s wealth and power clothe and house?
John also wrote about how everyone needs the Catholic Church and Jesus to be saved. That’s hardly a sentiment that appeals to every single Canadian. Canada is well known around the world for its multiculturalism, tolerance and kindness – by saying that the only way to heaven is through the Catholic Church and through Jesus, discounts a huge portion of the Canadian population.
This holiday isn’t needed and it’s a slap in the face to every Canadian. To celebrate the man who allowed pedophilia to run rampant through his priesthood should sicken us all.
There is a petition online to stop the bill from passing through the Senate. I hope you’ll take a moment to sign it and stop this ‘holiday’ from being passed. If the Catholic Church wants to honor their Pope, then let them do it. The Canadian government should remain neutral.

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