Meet Dexter!

With all the bad news scattered about recently, I decided to share some good news. On Saturday, we added a new addition to the family. He’s a Yellow Labrador who we named Dexter.

No…the name Dexter doesn’t have any religious significance. We didn’t choose it because of the popular TV show, although I am a fan. I mentioned the name to my partner as a bit of a joke and she loved it. She also thought it suited him and I have to agree.

Dexter is super smart. He picks up commands and tricks within moments. I kid you not. The day we got him, he learned how to walk on a leash. He already knows to go outside to do his business, how to come, sit and (sometimes) how to stay away from things when we use the command ‘wrong’. My partner insists that using the word ‘no’ isn’t helpful because we humans like to use that word a lot.

In short…I love him to pieces. So here’s some pictures for your viewing enjoyment!