Discussing Islam Isn’t Gross and Racist

I really enjoy the Rubin Report, but this video hits the nail on the head in my opinion. I’m tired of people equating criticizing a set of ideas with criticizing a race. Criticizing a set of ideas like Islam should be treated the same way as criticizing any other set of ideas, including Christianity.

So please give it a watch and let me know in the comment section whether you think criticizing Islam is ‘gross and racist’ like Ben Aflek  said to Sam Harris during a Bill Maher segment or whether you think it’s fine.

Sexier Than The Average Tart

Thought this sign was amusing. Saw it at a Beatles festival.

Dex after playing in the dog park.

I’m sexy and I know it.

Playing ball at the dog park.

Just a Few Pictures After God Maimed My Foot

Happy Saturday all! 

Just thought I’d share some pictures today since I’ve been covering some heavy topics lately. I guess it’s my way of brightening up the place a bit before nailing some more controversial topics.

I also clumsily bashed my foot against our couch. I may have broken my baby toe. At the very least it’s massively bruised and sore as hell. Half my foot is bruised now, making it difficult to hobble around.

I think God might be punishing me.

What an un-atheist thing to say. So here’s a few pictures and I hope you’re having a fantastic day, dear reader.

Found this beauty of a bear at the Pagan Festival. I believe this is the reason god is so mad at me.

By the way, the Pagan Festival was pretty awesome. Totally worth the sore foot. It was the perfect place to geek out.

Dexter chilling by some food.

Selfie time! 

Can Black People Be Racist? Can Women Be Sexist? | Power + Prejudice

I wanted to quickly post this video that I just ran across. It’s short and sweet but succinctly describes what I was trying to get at with my last post, Can Only White People Be Racist?

Funny that I ran across it completely by accident while looking through my YouTube reader, which is usually jam packed with gaming videos. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to leave your thoughts below.


Can Only White People Be Racist?

I’ve read a number of articles and been told specifically that black people can’t be racist, although they can be prejudiced.

As soon as I heard this claim, my bullshit meter went into high alert. However, being the skeptic that I am, I decided to do some research on my own.

So before we begin, let’s take a look at the definition of racism. I will even share more than one accepted definition, just in case you think I’m cherry picking.


Here we have 3 definitions. All of them seem to agree with one another. The definitions are from Merriam, Oxford and Wiki.

I also can’t imagine a case where anyone couldn’t do these things, whether they’re white, black, purple etc. In fact, saying these things can only apply to one race of people could be seen as a racist statement.

According to studies, we all hold prejudices towards people of other races.

Racism is hardwired into the brain, say scientists – and it operates unconsciously.

The same circuits in the brain that allow us to see which ethnic group a person belongs to overlap with others that drive emotional decisions.

The result is that even right-thinking individuals make unconscious decisions based on a person’s race.

Funny, I don’t see anywhere in that article that only white people can do these things and that black people (or any other group) are exempt from it.

But let’s have a look at some of the arguments being made online by people who claim that black people can not be racist.

Let’s start with this one, which actually claims right in the title that black people can’t be racist:

The system of racism begins with a race designating itself as superior to another. To carry out acts of racism, a race must have power and privilege. There has never been a time in American history when a race other than white has had power and privilege over another—especially in the case of African-Americans.

What a pile of horseshittery. Are you really trying to sell that no African American has ever had power over a white person? They never have the opportunity to act discriminatory?

There are no African American police officers, business owners, politicians, teachers, doctors, celebrities etc?

This could be answered with one picture.


Pretty sure this guy has a ton of power. I believe the President of the United States is often referred to as ‘the most powerful person on the planet’.

Now this is not to say that minorities cannot be prejudiced or practice discriminatory behaviors because they definitely can and have done so. Bigotry, the stubborn intolerance of any race, creed, belief or opinion different from one’s own, can be practiced by any race. As a part of a community that has experienced tremendous amounts of bigotry and racism to this day, it is important that we as African-Americans direct our anger and hurt at the institution of racism and not people.

Scroll up to the definition of racism and you’ll see that if you’re acting discriminatory, then you’re being freaking racist! Of course it can be practiced by any race because racism isn’t reserved solely for white people.

In this article about a Colbert interview, a comedian explains why black people can’t be racist:

As a counterpoint, Colbert asks if black people can engage in racist behavior, to which Bell notes an important distinction: Yes, black people and people of color can be prejudiced, but that is different from racism.

“When you say the word ‘racism,’ a lot of people who are way smarter than me … academics, they don’t believe you can be racist if you’re a person of color, if you’re a black person,” Bell explains. “We can be prejudiced, but racism implies power and institutions behind it. I can be prejudiced, I can be like, ‘I don’t like white people,’ but I can’t, like, not hire them or not give them their voting rights — you know what I’m saying? So it’s a very different thing.”

No. I don’t see what you’re saying. Of course if you’re a black business owner, you could (try) to deny someone a job purely because you might be racist. So can a white business owner. For your crap theory to sell, you’d have to show that no black business owners exist or are capable of racism.

Who the hell are these academics you speak of?

I feel like I’m watching a Trump interview when he just throws out that ‘other people’ have said something. He didn’t say it. These other people did and he’s just casually bringing it up.

Let’s look at this news story, which starts off with this emotional bit:

A man cannot hate the whip with which he is being flogged but then be expected to love the person doing the flogging. When such a black man, lying helpless bleeding on the ground expresses hate for the white person wielding the whip, it is only reasonable.

Yes! If the person being whipped hates or feels anger towards the person freaking whipping them, then that’s perfectly understandable. When you start thinking all white people are evil because of this one person whipping you, then that’s bloody racist.

On discrimination based on one’s colour, I can only concur that blacks can be prejudicial towards whites – but not racist. What do I mean? Before I attempt to give an explanation of my argument, I first have to define words that serve as the premises: prejudice and racism. Prejudice refers to a positive or negative evaluation of another person based on their perceived group membership. Racism on the other hand refers to social actions, practices or beliefs or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other. Furthermore, racism is socio-economic, with systemic structures which promote one race’s powers over another. Socio-economic being the operative word, I am certain you will agree that black people do not have the resources to impose such oppressive structures which enforce their superiority. White people on the other hand have, and had imposed them on blacks for over four centuries of slavery and colonialism. Black people can be prejudiced, but not racist.

And so black people are incapable of feeling superior and can never take social actions or practices that are based on the prejudices you admit they are capable of feeling?

Jesus. Really?

Well, I can come up with at least one real life example of a black person being racist.


In that video a jar of mayonnaise is supposed to be the ‘white friend’ and she says some insane things, such as ‘your people’ don’t wear deodorant.

If a white person said these things about black people, they’d rightly be shouted down as racist.

And if you’re talking about power being necessary for racism, have a look at this video where she decides to get white people to say they owe her reparations.


If you can watch those videos and still think black people are incapable of racism, I don’t know what else to say.

I think it’s dangerous to push this narrative that some groups are incapable of racism. It allows them to ignore and excuse away real life racism, and it makes minority groups perpetual victims.

Look, we all know that racism exists. It should be challenged wherever it is found, in whatever group it is found. I also think when we separate ourselves into groups, we make race matter more. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we didn’t see race but just saw the human being instead?

I think ANYONE is capable of being racist. Let’s fight it together.

Closing In On 700 Subscribers and More : Can I Be The Next 700 Club?

I’m currently working on a (possibly very) controversial post about whether African Americans can be racist.

I recently was told that ‘black people and other minorites’ can not be racist, even though they are capable of prejudice.

Being the skeptic that I am, I’ve been reading up on this thought and to my surprise, it’s fairly common.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have that post typed up. But if you have any initial thoughts to that premise or information (like links etc) you would like to pass on to me, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

In the meantime, like the calm before the storm, I’m going to hit you up with some cute as shit pictures of my baby, Dexter.

Oh, and we are closing in on 700 subscribers. I believe we are at 697 at the time of this writing.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. You guys and gals rock!

You Don’t Get To Tell People To Take Off Clothing Because It Hurts Your Feelings

So there’s a big story circulating about a student who was told they had to remove their hat because it supported Donald Trump.

Oh yeah…and this happened in Canada.

Here’s the video but if you don’t feel like watching it, I’ll provide quotes below.


Let’s take a look at what it says in the National Post about this incident:

The incident — in which a female student at Mount Royal University insists that a male remove the hat commonly worn by Donald Trump supporters — came to light Thursday after a video emerged online.

In it the woman approaches a man asking him to take the hat off, arguing the slogan stands for hate language. The man refuses, insisting that he is in a public place and has the right to freedom of expression. He rejects the suggestion that it’s a hateful message.

When asked to remark about the confrontation later, the female student had this to say:

“Today (Wednesday) I got into an altercation with a guy wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. I went up and asked him if he would take the hat off, explaining a university should be a safe space,” she said.

“It was impossible to communicate to him why wearing a hat in support of a movement grown on the seeds of racism, bigotry and exclusion of diversity (sexual and cultural) could make some people afraid,” she added.

What the fuck.

You don’t get to tell people what they can and can not wear because you disagree with its message. You can disagree with the hats message and debate what the hat might signify, but you don’t get to be an authoritarian douche.

And since when is a University a ‘safe space’? Are young adults too sensitive to hear or be confronted with differing opinions?

Do you think the real world will be full of safe spaces for you to hide in?

A hat shouldn’t have the power to make anyone afraid. It seems obvious to me that this young lady wasn’t afraid in the slightest, because she sure as hell didn’t have any problem publicly confronting the hat wearer and causing an altercation. That doesn’t look like the actions of someone who is ‘afraid’.

Look, I think Trump is a dumb ass as well, but that means he’s able to be beaten in the marketplace of ideas. Instead of resorting to authoritarianism, why not engage in debate? By telling this guy to remove his hat, you become a bigger a-hole (or at the very least as big an a-hole) as the person you’re disagreeing with.

This kind of nonsense has to stop. We seem to be creating a society of people who can’t tolerate dissenting opinion; people who are willing to force others to agree with them through any means necessary.

If you want a ‘safe space’, try your own living-room or bedroom. That’s a safe place. A school is a place for learning and for being exposed to knew ideas, even ideas you might not agree with.

I know, it’s a shocker, right?

Later, the school had this to say:

“I have seen the video and want to emphasize that I believe, both as an individual and as the President of Mount Royal University, freedom of speech is fundamental to post-secondary institutions and to society as a whole,” said Docherty.

“Students can express differing opinions in a respectful way to increase understanding of each other’s views. Universities play a critical role in society as places where students and other groups can share and listen to different perspectives in a respectful and peaceful way. We will continue to protect this freedom of expression.”


At least this school isn’t caving into the bullying of the authoritarians who want to eradicate any opinion but their own.

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